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Esports: PC games we can play during Halloween

A list of games for all those of you who do not wish to leave the comfort of your rooms on this night

Esports: PC games we can play during Halloween

C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 31 Oct 2021 7:34 AM GMT

If you want to spruce up your Halloween celebrations by staying indoors and still doing something 'scary', look no further. There are ample ways to make the night exciting apart from the usual ghost stories and dressing up that people do. Simply switch on your console and experience the thrill of playing these 5 games on your own or even better, with friends.

Resident Evil 7

The movie/game series are both equally scary and interesting. It is just a matter of whether you want to take part or witness the shooting of zombies and creatures. However, the Resident Evil 7 is unlike any of the movies. The story is set in a mansion and takes the first person player through a maze of hunting humanoids and using stealth to avoid potential death. There is ample amount of creativity that has to be used to complete various missions in the game is this is what makes it so different from the normal scenario of just shooting zombies.


Another veteran to the party is the first-person stealth mode game. Outlast has always been regarded as challenging because the use of weapons is minimal in this game. It is more about hiding, evading and using common sense with the only gadget is possession being a video camera. You will play as a first person who is supposed to find is way around a hospital full of demented creatures. The storyline is interesting and the entire game is set in darkness. So playing this at night only makes sense if you want to spruce up your Halloween Night.

Slender Man

By far, one of the most famous horror video games of all time. The Slender Man story was developed into a video game and gained immense popularity. As a player, you will be tasked with finding 8 pages in a forest. However, you have no weapons and only have a torch. As you begin finding papers, Slender Man will try and follow you around the forest. If he comes near then your screen becomes to be shaky and you must try and find a way far from him.

Slender Man

Five Nights at Freddy's

Don't go by the poster at all. This is not a game for kids and is a franchise that was developed over time into several storylines. The main game story is based on animatronics that turn evil at night in a Pizza Place. As a nighttime employee, you are expected to get past the animatronics using doors, phone call, jump scares, vents, easter eggs and other such tools at your disposal.

Back 4 Blood

For all zombie game lovers, this is definitely a horror show that must be tried. Set in a cliched zombie land storyline, a player must choose from 8 unique members of a group in the initial stages of the game. This team, attempts to defend its territory from hoards of 'Riddens'. This is a strategic game which involves survival, hunting and resource scavenging but makes for an interesting storyline.

Back 4 Blood

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