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Explained: Controversy between GodLike and TSM over the signing of esports player 'Shadow'

A virtual back-and-forth has taken place in the last 24 hours between the two E-sports organisations. Read on to get updated on the developments.

Explained: Controversy between GodLike and TSM over the signing of esports player Shadow

Once upon a time, video games were looked upon as a pastime or a hobby. Now, things have become far more professional.


Rajdeep Saha

Published: 21 Jun 2022 10:19 AM GMT

The culture of e-sports in the Indian sporting milieu is one that's certainly booming. A lot of interest has been generated in recent years, especially from the brands and corporate giants. Apart from performance and promotion, there is one more thing that can bring any sport into the limelight: controversy. A social media feud transpired on Monday where a renowned e-sports player named 'Shadow' was signed by GodLike. The reason behind the ongoing bitterness is that the player was signed without having talks with 'Shadow's' former employer, TSM.

However, this move might not have come totally out-of-the-blue. Prior to this whole fiasco, 'Shadow' had posted a cryptic, yet strong-worded message which primarily hinted to a change in his career. In the post, he called out certain organisations with which he was having toxic relations.

Shortly after, his former employer, TSM, responded saying that they were always ready to loan the player out, information which was intimated to 'Shadow' for "weeks". The organization went on to further add that the only reason the player is choosing to make such claims is because of him being benched.

The only party left to say something was GodLike, and they did. Theirs' was a response to TSM, who called them out for unprofessionalism. GodLike stressed on how they did not believe in "mud slinging in the community".

Things have certainly taken a turn for the worse as both parties have announced legal action against each other. TSM will be taking such action on the grounds of their playing snatched away from them without prior knowledge.

In a recent development, GodLike announced on their Twitter handle that due to the ongoing defamatory comments thrown at them, they will be filing for a criminal and a civil case against those who are revealing private chats, and also take action against a player who is openly abusing 'Shadow' and GodLike.

The controversy aside, the situation begs the question, 'Is the player bigger than the team?' As this social media battle takes to the court, we will have to wait and see how this pans out, and what impact this will have on the e-sports ecosystem in India.

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