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FAU-G releasing on Republic Day - All you need to know

FAU-G releasing on Republic Day - All you need to know

The Bridge Desk

Published: 22 Jan 2021 7:47 AM GMT

When it comes to video game production in India, there is not much that has been done to further the ever-growing gaming craze that is spreading across India. Game productions are few and far between. However, it took an international border escalation and a declaration by the Indian Prime Minister to stimulate and stir the Game Production Market into engaging with the large populace. The result was the proposal of ‘Fearless and United Guards’ or FAU-G.

Knowing that Indian gamers are well versed and accustomed to PUB-G, FAU-G aims to emulate and provide a similar gaming experience and conceptual basis while ensuring that the Indian tag of the game is retained. It will ensure that the graphics, in-person gaming options, and other features are all Indian centric. Another very unique initiative of the game is that it will donate approximately 20% of the total revenue earned to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust.

The game which is set to be released on the 26th of January has already received 4 million signatures and is set to see more registrations in the coming weeks. The nCore games CEO Vishal Gondal was quoted saying “At five million I don't think any other game, at least in India has got that kind of pre-registrations.” The feat is truly remarkable and is one that represents the growth of the Indian gaming market in the past decade or so.

They have even roped in Akshay Kumar to not just promote but also act as an advisory to the game developers in terms of recommendations, additions, and any edits that might make it a great game. Keeping aside any marketing strategies, this game is truly a revelation in terms of its motive and aims to continue one of the few gaming crazes that have been witnessed in India during the past few years.

‘Ex PUB-G’ gamers are raring to go and have had high expectations and anticipation ever since their beloved game was banned. If all goes well, 26th January will see a massive gaming revelation across India and possibly in the world.

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