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Esports | Power Rankings: Top 5 Brawlers to use in Brawl Stars

Esports | Power Rankings: Top 5 Brawlers to use in Brawl Stars

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 25 Aug 2020 1:35 PM GMT

Supercell’s latest addition to its mobile games Brawl Stars. This easy to jump freenium mobile game has quickly developed into an esport in India. Brawl Stars has a 3v3 mode as well as battle royale mode making it an easy to watch esport. Brawl Stars has some really strong brawlers and here is the list of brawlers that one must use to secure that win:


Jacky Jacky

Jacky is a ‘Super Rare’ brawler who deals massive area damage by jumping on her jackhammer like a pogo stick. She has a high health pool making her super tanky. Her super allows her to pull enemy brawlers in a large radius and granting her a shield making her immune to damage. Her quick movement speed allows her to catch up to brawlers easily. All this makes her a very strong brawler to use.

Mr P

Mr P Mr P

Mr P is a ‘Mythic’ Brawler who’s main weapon is a suitcase that he hurls at other brawlers. Mr P has medium health and damage output. However Mr P has high utility with his super that allows him to deploy a home base that spawns robo porters that attack enemies. Mr P has a unique attack where the suitcase he throws bounces of a wall or a brawler which could effectively double damage if they are cornered or near a wall.


Gene Gene

Another ‘Mythic’ brawler to feature on this list Gene who has moderate health and uses a magic lamp to cast his attacks. High single target damage makes Gene a very strong Brawler. Gene’s Super grabs an enemy and drags them to Gene’s location. One more thing that makes Gene stronger is the ability to stop Brawlers from casting their ability through his Super and Gene can start attacking the movement enemy Brawlers are getting pulled.


Sprout Sprout

Sprout is a ‘Mythic’ brawler attacks by throwing a ball of seeds that travels forward and bounces off the walls. Upon making contact, the ball explodes dealing area damage. Sprouts super is where he throws a super seed creating a barrier when it lands. Sprout has a lot of utility through his super which he can use to block out enemies in various game modes turning the tide in your favor.


Sandy Sandy

Sandy is a ‘legendary’ brawler with average health and damage output can deal out damage to multiple enemies with his piercing attack. His super summons a sandstorm shielding him and his allies in its area of effect. Sandy’s wide attack range and piercing ability makes him an effective brawler to use against grouper brawlers. His super has great utility where Sandy can hide low health teammates when either retreating or use the same to flank enemy brawlers.

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