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Esports | How this Takeshi's Castle Inspired Game has taken the world by storm

Esports | How this Takeshis Castle Inspired Game has taken the world by storm

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 26 Aug 2020 10:29 AM GMT

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released on August 4th 2020 and has taken the world by storm. This platform game has been beaten games like GTA V to top the steam charts.

This Takeshi’s castle inspired game has allowed players to play with friends, creating a social element while also providing tons of laughs.

Fall Guys has managed to capture the competitive aspect of video games while filling the game with silly moments, dramatic heartbreaking moments, and last-minute finishes.

What Fall Guys has done right so far is allowing players to customize their bean to their liking with SpongeBob inspired skins, dragons, and many others. Thus creating a platformer for all ages.

Another thing that the developers at Fall Guys have done right is preventing hackers from taking part in games with bans being handed out even before the game is completed. This shows that the developers are taking an active role in improving the game and its community.

Source: Forbes

Fall Guys is just not a game for children and teenagers, they have managed to capture players across all age groups making it a fun family game to play.

Considering the competitive nature of the game, fans of esport teams are also pushing their favorite teams to create a fall guys team completely decked out in their team jerseys.

With Fall Guys currently only being on PS4 and PC, fans of the game have been waiting for any news on potential Mobile, Xbox launches in the future.

Fall Guys could potentially become the biggest online social game with their presence and the best thing that a developer can do is listen to their community, while also engaging with them which they are doing amazingly.

It will be exciting to see how this game develops in the future, but for now this silly game has kept me occupied while also raging when I dont win.

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