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Chess grandmaster suspended by Twitch for illegal streaming

Hikaru Nakamura is a 5 time US Champion and frequents online gaming platforms such as Twitch for streams

Chess grandmaster suspended by Twitch for illegal streaming

Dr Disrepsect is famous video game streamer


C.C. Chengappa

Published: 23 March 2022 6:38 AM GMT

A notable chess grandmaster, Hikaru Nakamura has been suspended by Twitch for illegally streaming a banned Twitch Gamer. Hikaru Nakamura was notified of his ban after he live-streamed a chess match between Dr Disrespect and another online player despite Dr Disrespect having been banned from Twitch himself. This resulted in Nakamura also being banned for violating the Twitch user policy.

He was quoted saying "Chill out you guys, you think I care? "This is chess." It was evident that he did not have much knowledge of the violation despite his own viewers and followers warning him of a potential problem at the time that he began streaming.

Meanwhile, not much is known about Dr Disrespect's reason for being banned from Twitch since he still has not returned. He continues to do his live streams on Youtube for the 3.90 million subscribers that he has.

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