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7 Free Fire characters based on celebrities

7 Free Fire characters based on celebrities

Abhijit Nair

Published: 10 Jan 2021 6:13 AM GMT

Published by Garena, Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games of the Battle Royale genre across the globe. The game got a much needed impetus in India, after the ban of PUBG in the country citing national security reasons.

Many characters in Free Fire are based on some real-life personalities following collaboration between the two parties. Here, we look at some such characters who are based on real life:

Alok Alok


Alok was the first ever character in the game of Free Fire. It is based on a Brazil based DJ with the same name after a collaboration between Garena and DJ Alok. It is the only character in the game which was directly adopted from real life without even tweaking the name.

Jai Jai


The character of Jai is based on our own Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan. In game, Jai is a SWAT commander who believes in delivering justice at all costs and it is definitely one of the most popular characters in the Indian servers.

Jota Jota


Based on the popular actor from Indonesia, Joe Taslim, Jota is a parkour specialist. It was reported in various portals that the character of Jota was added for a greater representation of the game but it has since gone on to become one of the most loved characters in the Indonesian circuit.

Kelly Kelly


The character of Kelly is said to have been inspired by a Japanese school girl Takako Chigusa, who was forced to death. It is also said that the name comes from a Japanese film called Battle Royale, which is said to have been the inspiration for the genre of Battle Royale games.

Kla Kla


Kla is based on a Thailand based actor and martial artist Tony Jaa who is known for the Ong-bakTriology. Kla matches Jaa in almost every aspect and the character’s most potent weapon is its hands, much like Jaa’s punch as a martial artist.

kapella Kapella


The character of Kapella is inspired by the K-pop singers. On the other side, it is also said that two Thai singers lent their voice and looks to the character.

Chrono Chrono


One of the most recent characters in the game, Chrono is based on the Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. The most lethal ability of the character is its defensive skills which is said to be something which could change the game in blink of an eye.

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