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Nayel Nassar - The man who married Bill Gates' daughter is an Olympian

An Egyptian American, Nayel Nassar is a professional equestrian.

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Nayal Nassar and Jennifer Gates 


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Published: 20 Oct 2021 7:36 AM GMT

Jennifer Gates - the daughter of once the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, got married last Saturday, i.e. 16th October 2021. The 25-year-old tied the knot with Nayel Nassar in a luxurious star-studded wedding.

While the entire world knows Jennifer Gates as the daughter of Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, and his ex-wife Melinda, little do people know about Nayel Nassar.

Who is Nayel Nassar?

An Egyptian American, Nayel Nassar is a professional equestrian. Yes, he is a sportsperson.

Born in the American city of Chicago, Nayel started riding horses when he was just 5-year-old and then slowly transitioned into jumping at the age of 10. Though he was raised in Kuwait, Nayel Nassar returned to America in 2009 and graduated from the prestigious Stanford University. This is where Nayel and Jeniffer met for the first time.

While Jennifer was pursuing a degree in Human Biology, Nayal was an Economics student at Stanford.

Nassar has qualified and competed at the International Federation for Equestrian Sports' Show Jumping finals thrice - 2013, 2014 and 2017. If you thought that's impressive, then there is more.

Nayel Nassar even qualified for the recently concluded 2020 Tokyo Olympics, finishing 24th in the Individual Jumping Finals.

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