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Equestrian at Tokyo Olympics: Preview, Guide, Schedule, Indian Players

Everything you need to know about Equestrian and Indian players competing in the sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Indian Equestrian Fouaad Mirza

Fouaad Mirza (Source: Mace Maclean Photography)


Keyur Jain

Updated: 9 July 2021 11:34 AM GMT

Equestrian made its Summer Olympics debut at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. It disappeared until 1912, but has appeared at every Summer Olympic Games since.


Equestrian is a special event in the Olympics where men and women compete on equal terms. In each of the three equestrian disciplines, individual and team medals are awarded.

Equestrian consists of three events: Dressage, Jumping and Eventing

Dressage: Dressage's main goal is to demonstrate the balance between the rider and the horse. Riders must ride pre-rehearsed tests that include a variety of elements. Each exercise is evaluated for the pair.

Jumping: Also known as showjumping, It assesses the horse's ability and reaction time. The main goal is to complete the round as quickly as possible, which includes a number of obstacles. The horse's numerical score is determined solely by whether he attempts the obstacle, clears it, and completes the course in the time allotted.

Eventing: Eventing consists of a Jumping, Dressage, and Cross Country test to determine the final score, requiring vast experience in various equestrian disciplines.

Germany has earned the most Olympic gold medals in equestrian sports, showing the country's equestrian heritage and passion for the sport.

Individual eventing has been dominated by German equestrian Michael Jung in recent Games, with gold medals in both London 2012 and Rio 2016. Jung belongs to a family of equestrian athletes, both his father and grandfather were well-known equestrian athletes. Sweden, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom are among the other top equestrian nations.


Tokyo 2020 Equestrian events will be conducted in the following categories:


Team Competition

Individual Competition


Team Competition

Individual Competition


Team Competition

Individual Competition


The Matches will take place from 24th July to 7th August at Equestrian Park and Sea Forest Cross-Country Course. The timings are in IST (Indian Standard time)

Day 1, Saturday 24 July 13:30 - 18:45

  • Dressage Grand Prix Team and Individual Day 1

Day 2, Sunday 25 July 13:30 - 18:45

  • Dressage Grand Prix Team and Individual Day 2

Day 3, Tuesday 27 July 13:30 - 19:10

  • Dressage Team Grand Prix Special
  • Dressage Team Victory Ceremony

Day 4, Wednesday 28 July 14:00 - 17:55

  • Dressage Individual Grand Prix Freestyle
  • Dressage Individual Victory Ceremony

Day 5, Friday 30 July 05:00 - 07:30

  • Eventing Dressage Team and Individual Day 1 - Session 1

Day 5, Friday 30 July 14:00 - 16:40

  • Eventing Dressage Team and Individual Day 1 - Session 2

Day 6, Saturday 31 July 05:00 - 07:30

  • Eventing Dressage Team and Individual Day 2 - Session 3

Day 7, Sunday 1 August 04:15 - 07:40

  • Eventing Cross Country Team and Individual

Day 8, Monday 2 August 13:00 - 18:55

  • Eventing Jumping Team Final and Individual Qualifier
  • Eventing Jumping Individual Final
  • Eventing Team Victory Ceremony
  • Eventing Individual Victory Ceremony

Day 9, Tuesday 3 August 15:30 - 19:15

  • Jumping Individual Qualifier

Day 10, Wednesday 4 August 15:30 - 18:10

  • Jumping Individual Final
  • Jumping Individual Victory Ceremony

Day 11, Friday 6 August 15:30 - 18:35

  • Jumping Team Qualifier

Day 12, Saturday 7 August 15:30 - 18:00

  • Jumping Team Final
  • Jumping Team Victory Ceremony

Indian Players

Fouaad Mirza

Fouaad Mirza

Fouaad Mirza has become the first Indian equestrian in 20 years to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. He earned his quota in Eventing by winning the solo event group at the South East Asia and Oceanic qualifiers in November 2019.

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