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The Cycling Catalyst: T10 Sports is working with CFI to elevate cycling in the nation

T10 Sports, a prominent sportswear company, has revolutionised the landscape of cycling in India through its initiatives to promote sports and make lives better for our athletes.

The Cycling Catalyst: T10 Sports is working with CFI to elevate cycling in the nation

(Credits: Cycling Federation of India/ IG)


Subhajit Mazumdar

Updated: 12 April 2024 9:45 AM GMT

T10 Sports is an Indian sportswear brand with the distinction of offering specialised sports accessories with functionality and innovation elements built into the design. It places great emphasis on creating apparel that allows athletes to perform at their best. T10 Sports specialises in designing fashionable sportswear with suitable fabrics for high moisture-wicking, breathability, flexibility, and, of course, durability. Affordability is a major factor, which ensures that the cost of sportswear should not hinder those looking for high-quality ones.

T10 Sports works with individual athletes and their industry partners for product development. It covers sportswear not only for beginners but also for elite athletes. Their cycling equipment is primarily stylish, cutting-edge, and modern, with innovative technology aimed at improving performances at all levels.

T10 Sports follows a rather simplistic approach, as it prioritises customer experience over anything else. In its R&D, the company does research to solve special customer demands in the production of goods. As a result, it has a range of products that customers are satisfied with, building a loyal customer base over time.

Healthy cycling, although easy, is truly not a common feature in India. While the imminent Cycling Federation of India (CFI) and the unconventional approach of T10 Sports are transforming the storyline, the fact remains that change has not been the fastest.

Onkar Singh, the Chairman of the Cycling Federation of India, spotted an enormous inadequacy of cycling infrastructure and resources in India. Without more space for the velodrome to be built, as well as limited resources and money constraints, he saw that there was still potential for Indian cyclists to have more opportunities to grow, and he started to bridge that gap.

"In 2004, India had talent, but we had no resources, so we had to fill that gap with resources and bring cycling to some level," Singh remarked in an interview with the Sports Authority of India.

Check out the full interview here.

Under the leadership of Onkar Singh, the Cycling Federation of India embarked on some great initiatives to address the serious problems of cycling in the country. He arranged all the resources needed to get on the way of building velodromes and training centres.

The CFI has marked its presence for years to come due to Singh's devotion. India won the third-highest number of medals in the Commonwealth Games in 2010 due to infrastructural improvements, which marked an achievement in sports history. However, the high price of sporting equipment was still a major concern as it had to be imported from other countries. Not many athletes could afford to buy these products.

T10 Sports came to the rescue and has been leading the revolution of sportswear in the country since then through its affordable pricing. Products like comfort sports suits and accessories are supplied during competitions, such as the Indian Cycling Federation, to enable sporting dreams to come true for hopeful athletes nationwide.

Throughout, T10 Sports' eco-friendly jerseys exemplify the focus on sustainability that the company stands for. T10 Sports is leading the movement when it comes to the utilisation of sustainable materials and production. It ensures that style, performance, and environmental sustainability all work together in the sportswear industry.

T10 Sports is a sportswear brand that combines style with performance features, blending boundaries between materials, technicalities, and design. When talking about a highly inclusive and creative enterprise, the standards apply globally and cannot be otherwise.

Cycling in India has finally reached a stage where it is ready to take the leap and get global recognition. With more companies like T10 Sports coming forward and contributing to the cause, cycling is winning its right back as a beloved sport for many Indians.

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