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Esow Alben wins gold medal at Berlin 6 Day cycling event

Esow Alben wins gold medal at Berlin 6 Day cycling event

The Bridge Desk

Published: 28 Jan 2020 10:31 AM GMT

Indian cycling prodigy Esow Alben won the Gold medal in the Keirin event at the Six Day Cycling Series in Berlin. Esow got the invitation and was the first-ever Indian to participate in the tournament. In yesterday's Keirin event, the teenager won the tactical battle to win the race. The 18-year-old edged out Czech Republic’s Tomas Babek who settled for Silver. Maximilian Levy of Germany clinched Bronze.

Besides this gold, Esow also managed to win a silver and a bronze medal in the tournament. The six-day tournament saw all cyclist taking part in all the competitions throughout all the days. On day one, the Indian sensation started with fifth-place finishes in the Keirin and the Sprint events. But owing to a sixth place finish in time trial, his general classification in day 1 made him finish 6th.


On day two, Alben finished 3rd in Kerin event with 12 points. But due to his sixth-place finishes in both Time Trial and Sprint, he could manage to finish sixth again in general classification.

On day 3, Esow finished fifth in Sprint, sixth in Keirin and sixth again in Time Trial. With 66 points his general qualification mark remained 6th.

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On day 4, Esow managed to finish with silver medal in Kerin event, but finished sixth in Time trial and Sprint, which made his general classification mark at 6th.

However, his best day turned out to be on 5th day, where he won the gold in Keirin. He was ranked 7th in sprint and 6th in Time Trial, but his general qualification mark improved to fifth position with 125 points.

Maximilian Levy of Germany lead the overall classification with 243 points. There is one-day of event left in the tournament. This performance will give Esow crucial ranking points as he is currently world number 54 in Elite Keirin event.

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