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Asian Billiards Championship: Pankaj Advani reaches final with a big win

Legendary Indian cueist Pankaj Advani reached the final of the 2024 Asian Billiards Championship with a thumping win.

Pankaj Advani Asian Billiards Championship

Pankaj Advani is looking for a hat trick of titles at the Asian Billiards Championship in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 5 July 2024 9:50 AM GMT

Ace Indian cueist Pankaj Advani, booked his spot in the final of the 2024 Asian Billiards Championship after beating Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan 5-0 in the Quarterfinal round and Sourav Kothari 5-0 in the Semifinal round.

In the quarterfinal match against fellow opponent Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan, Pankaj Advani showcased his exceptional skills. Advani’s dominance was evident as he consistently outplayed his opponent with precision and finesse.

The opening match set the tone, with Pankaj scoring 100, while Shrikrishna put up a strong fight, managing a break of 78. However, Advani’s superior break-building ability gave him the edge, securing a win in the first frame. Advani’s prowess became more pronounced in the second frame, where he scored another 100 as compared to Shrikrishna’s 26.

The third frame saw Advani maintaining his impeccable form with a break of 102. Shrikrishna only managed to score 32. Advani then with his proficient scoring made phenomenal breaks to keep Shrikrishna at bay. Advani finished the match with another break of 101, while Shrikrishna scored 2.

In the Semifinal match against Sourav Kothari, Pankaj Advani dominated his opponent, Sourav, across five consecutive frames in a remarkable match. Advani’s mastery of the table was evident as he scored 100 in each frame. The match began with Advani quickly taking control, as he scored 100, while Sourav, despite his best efforts, managed to score 29, unable to match Advani’s swift play.

The second frame saw Advani continuing his momentum, breaking another 100. Sourav slightly improved his performance, scoring 33. Advani’s prowess was on full display in the next three frames as he scored 101, 100, and 100 as compared to Sourav’s 38, 21, and 0.

Pankaj Advani’s performance throughout the match was nothing short of spectacular. With consistent 100 breaks and a dominant presence on the table, Advani reaffirmed his status as a top-tier billiards player and secured his place in the final.

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