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With Virat Kohli stepping down, who will take over as the Indian T20I captain?

The time has finally come to see a fresh face at the helm of the T20I squad and there is one man clearly leading the race to be captain

With Virat Kohli stepping down, who will take over as the Indian T20I captain?

C.C. Chengappa

Published: 17 Sep 2021 6:02 AM GMT

Virat Kohli's departure from captaincy has not come as a shock too many. The news was doing the rounds for a few weeks prior to his confirmation on social media. In the heartfelt letter that he penned to fans, teammates and well wishers, Kohli expressed his desire to focus on his role as a captain in ODI and Test matches. This is seen as a brilliant decision by all those involved in the cricket fraternity given that Kohli himself expressed that his workload was high. The burning question now is who will take over from him after the T20 World Cup?

Rohit Sharma being seen as the frontrunner to replace Virat Kohli. The reason why this is being declared with such confidence is that there is a preference to have a candidate who can lead the team with experience. Rohit Sharma is not only an experienced player, he has also been the captain of a very successful Mumbai Indians team in the IPL. To add to this, he has captained the Indian T20 team for 20 matches since 2017 and has a win record of over 78%.

A close analysis of the letter written by Kohli also gives rise to the fact that there has been a major consultation with all parties before taking the decision. This includes other players and direct parties involved with the procedure. The rumors had been circulating for quite a while especially since it was reported that BCCI selectors were unhappy with Kohli's performance over the past year.

It remains to be seen what the final decision will be as there are just under 2 months before the new captain is declared.

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