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'I can't change the rule I guess': Why Rishabh Pant was fined Rs 1.15 crore

Rishabh Pant was fined 100% of his match fees for his reaction during the last over of the IPL match between DC and RR on Friday night.

I cant change the rule I guess: Why Rishabh Pant was fined Rs 1.15 crore

Shane Watson tells Rishabh Pant to have a second thought as he pushes for his team to walk out of the game in protest (Screenshot)


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Updated: 2022-04-23T16:27:43+05:30

Rishabh Pant has been fined 100% of his match fees for his reaction during the dramatic last over of the IPL match between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals on Friday. DC batting coach Pravin Amre, who seemed to bite the bullet and walk into the ground to have a word with the umpires, has been banned for one match, possibly saving the DC captain from this additional ban.

While the confusion regarding the no-ball which started the whole incident still has no clear answer, there have been some questions raised as to why the on-field umpires stood their ground and did not refer the decision to the television cameras.

Speaking moments after the match, Pant told television cameras: "(That no ball) was not even close, everyone in the ground saw it. I think the third umpire should have intervened and said it was a no-ball. But I can't change the rule I guess. Obviously, it wasn't right (sending Amre onto the field) but what happened with us is also not right, it happened in the heat of the moment."

No-ball rule in IPL

However, umpire Nitin Menon waved away Amre with a smile when the coach did come on to relay DC's point of view. For him, there was no confusion. IPL rules state that a no-ball can be referred to the third umpire for height only if a wicket falls on that ball. The contentious ball, however, had been hit for a six.

Even as Pant seemed desperate to call his boys back to the dugout to lodge their protest, Shane Watson was seen explaining something to him - probably why it would not be a good idea.

Here's what IPL rules state about referring decisions to the third umpire:

"The on-field umpire shall have the discretion to refer the decision to the third umpire or, in the case of paragraphs 2.2, and 2.4, to consult with the third umpire before making the decision.

2.1 Run Out, Stumped, Bowled and Hit Wicket Decisions

2.2 Caught Decisions, Obstructing the Field

2.3 Boundary Decisions

2.4 Batter Running to the Same End

No ball checks following a dismissal 2.5.5 If the bowler's end umpire is uncertain as to the fairness of the delivery following a dismissal, either affecting the validity of the dismissal or which batter is dismissed, he/she shall be entitled to request the batter to delay leaving the field and to check the fairness of the delivery with the third umpire. Communication with the third umpire shall be by two-way radio."

DC eventually lost the match, but many fans said they lost more than the match with their last-over protests.

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