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'Most Pakistani way to get out': Why Nawaz was fooled by umpire's decision

T20 World Cup: Mohammad Nawaz was given out LBW but he walked off for a run out - neither of which should have stood - vs South Africa on Thursday.

Most Pakistani way to get out: Why Nawaz was fooled by umpires decision

Mohammad Nawaz's 'run out which was a LBW' dismissal during Pakistan's Group 2 match in the T20 World Cup vs South Africa (Screenshot)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 3 Nov 2022 10:14 AM GMT

Pakistan's Mohammad Nawaz was left fooled by what he saw as he walked off without taking a Review during the T20 World Cup match vs South Africa on Thursday.

Nawaz - out for 28 in the 13th over - had what was described as a 'double wicket' on social media - LBW and Run out off the same ball. However, it was hardly a 'double wicket', in fact neither of the dismissals should have stood.

Nawaz was given out LBW by the umpires, but this decision should not have stood as he had got an inside edge on the ball. This was proved by replays, and it was something Nawaz would presumably know. But, he did not take a Review because he saw that he had also been run out.

"Perhaps the first time Nawaz realised he had been given out LBW was when he reached the dressing room. That is why he did not take the review," said the commentators.

The run out should not have stood because the ball was a dead ball the moment the umpires gave Nawaz out LBW. Neither the run he was trying to take would have stood, nor the run out.

According to the Laws of Cricket, a ball is dead when: a batter is dismissed. The ball will be deemed to be dead from the instant of the incident causing the dismissal.

The LBW decision, wrongly given, was the 'incident' causing the dismissal, so the ball would have been dead before the run out was effected.

But, confused by the dual sights of him being run out and the umpire raising his finger (there did seem to be some confusion on Nawaz's face as to why the finger was raised by the umpire at the bowler's end instead of the one at square leg, but he seemed to brush this off and continued walking off), Mohammad Nawaz was unfortunate to lose his wicket.

Pakistan need to win all their remaining games to harbour any hopes of making it to the World Cup semifinals. India and South Africa are the current favourites to make it through Group 2.

Batting first, Pakistan scored 185/9 in their 20 overs.

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