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Home Cricket Female Cricket Academy conducts a Talent Hunt in Mumbai

Female Cricket Academy conducts a Talent Hunt in Mumbai


Female Cricket Academy, based out of Mumbai, successfully hosted a Talent Hunt Trial for aspiring female cricketers at St. Antonio Da Silva Tech School Ground in Dadar West on Saturday. The first-of-its-kind event in Mumbai saw participation from around 60 girls, who came to learn the tricks of the game.

The Talent Hunt began with the group of girls jogging around the astroturf followed by some light exercises. Soon, they divided themselves into batswomen or bowlers and took turns with the bat or bowl.

“There are many camps for male and there is less preference given to females. But, from my experience, women have got much more talent and unfortunately, most of it remains hidden. So, we need to bring up more camps only for females so that their talent can be identified,” says Paresh Chavan the head coach of Female Cricket Academy.

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“The academy was started in November 2017. Like, we say, Rome was not built in a day. We need some time and then we got a few girls in numbers. Then, we thought why not bring more talent from that” he further adds.

When quizzed if the perception of people has changed in the last 10-20 years regarding women’s cricket, he answers with a resounding yes. “Looking at the ongoing international women’s cricket, the parents of girls, they are pushing them to go a step ahead in cricket. Earlier, it was like you need to study only. Now, it is like you need to study and go out and play. You can’t stay at home.”

The rise in interest of female cricket is visible in people turning up. In the two years since the academy has been formed, more and more parents, as well as children, are turning up. And, Paresh thinks it is all down to international exposure.

“Initially, we had fewer numbers. Now, we are getting more players. Definitely, a lot of girls from here can go forward. Previously, it was a few numbers and the international exposure was also less. But now, as the exposure is more, we can produce more girls,” he signs off.


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