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Ban IPL trends as India nears T20 World Cup exit

The uproar over the loss to New Zealand was centred around the IPL and all that Indian cricketers have had to face over the past 2 months

IND vs NZ T20 World Cup

IND vs NZ (Source: T20 World Cup)


C.C. Chengappa

Published: 1 Nov 2021 6:05 AM GMT

While there was much to analyse after yet another abysmal defeat of the Indian cricket team, netizens had another take on what exactly went wrong for the Indian cricket team. Ban IPL seemed to be the solution offered to improve India's performances and the reasons given for the same were explained in different tweets and posts.

The main aspect was that fatigue contributed to the way India performed against Pakistan and New Zealand. It seemed as though other countries had done a good job of prioritising their national team over IPL and had either backed out earlier or had players refusing to play. However, Indian cricketers were seen playing almost every match in the IPL right till just 2 weeks ago and this would have definitely played a role in contributing to their lacklustre performances.

Bio Bubble fatigue was another aspect picked upon as a source of bad performances. This has more to do with the mental aspect of the game given that Indian cricketers have been in a bio-bubble for several weeks now. It remains to be seen whether the circumstances work out in India's favour after losing to New Zealand. Regardless, there seems to be a collective opinion about the state of cricket organisation in India today.

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