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Amid coronavirus outbreak, demand for Vitamin C supplements spikes

Amid coronavirus outbreak, demand for Vitamin C supplements spikes


Published: 24 March 2020 4:32 AM GMT

The spread of coronavirus Covid-19 has resulted in a sudden spike in the demand for Vitamin C supplements and the likes, according to a major retailer in India.

As of March 24, the country has 492 confirmed cases, which includes both exported infection and local transmission cases, while the number of casualties stands at 7, according to reports.

As the epidemic continues, public demand for dietary supplements which help in building immunity, alongside masks, and hand sanitizers has skyrocketed in the past few days

For Active nutrition brand Fast&Up, there has been an “exceptionally high demand”​ for health supplements, especially the their product, Fast&UP Charge since the onset of the coronavirus. In fact, they have had almost a four fold jump in demand over the last one week or so.

Why has the demand increased so much?

"Fast&UP Charge is our proprietary product based on natural Vitamin C and zinc. Charge is based on Amla, which is standardised for tannins and natural Vitamin C. While other brands will give a lot of chemical Vitamin C, it doesn't necessarily get absorbed in the body Charge also has zinc which is a great support for the WBC and the immune system. Varun Khanna, Co-founder and Director of Fast&Up, tells The Bridge.

"We are actually the originators of effervescent technology in India, We have worked using high quality standardised Gooseberry (Amla) extract and we manufacture the products in our Pharmaceutical quality WHO Approved facilities based in India,” he adds before going on to explain why there has been a sudden surge in demand.

The reason why we have seen a lot of spike is that people know the importance of building up the body's best defence. While it's essential we wash and sanitise our hands, your immune system is the thing that can stand in the way of any foreign viruses entering your body. It's a concept that all of us have been taught since we were kids," Khanna says.

"You can have a strong immune system only through good food, good diet, good mind, healthy sleep, no stress, happiness, even in times like these, people should take the opportunity to exercise at home and having some supplements which help improve your immunity.”

Building immunity is key

The demand has been high and we have had several instances of low stock. We also understand that there is awareness on this since the time we have had information on COVID, Fast&UP charge has become the number.1 selling supplement in the health and wellness category in India.

"We are constantly in an endeavour to make sure that the product is made available as soon as possible which gives our consumers regular supplies to help them support their immunity. . COVID, as you all know by now, attacks in clusters. So it affects people who live in areas with high population densities like London, Madrid or Milan. We Indians, especially those living in metro cities, have to be careful, have to maintain all guidelines of social distancing and there is no second solution to it. We have to be at home to flatten the curve," Khanna concludes.

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