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African footballers stranded in India see no hope of returning home

While Europeans footballers could be leaving for their respective countries soon, African footballers in India see no hope of returning to their mother lands.

African footballers stranded in India see no hope of returning home

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Published: 13 April 2020 5:37 AM GMT

With domestic and international travels suspended due to lockdowns imposed by the countries to contain the spread of COVID-19, international footballers in India have been left stranded.

According to a report by Times of India, African footballers in India see no hope of returning to their respective countries.

Footballers from Europe have got it touch with their respective embassies and hope that some arrangements could be done so that they can return and be with their respective families but no such help seems to forthcoming for Africans.

Real Kashmir FC's Nigerian footballer Loveday Enyinnaya too made efforts to contact his friends working in Nigerian embassy but to no avail.

"I tried to contact my friend at the embassy but he has not been talking calls. This looks a difficult situation for all of us" Loveday told TOI.

The Nigerian at the moment is stationed in the team's hotel along with his teammates and support staff. But few of his teammates and support staff may soon leave him behind.

Coach David Robertson, defender Mason Robertson, both of whom are Brits, are busy in packing their bags. They could soon for their home. So it the case with Spanish footballers. They too can expect to be flown back to Europe soon.

"The situation is a little bit difficult for us here, coming from Africa. We have to wait and hope that the situation improves and see if there is any change of mind, anywhere," said Loveday.

Like Loveday, his teammate Aron Katebay too is feeling helpless. Katebay hails from Zambia.

The Zambaian is whiling away his time in gym and with his other teammates but he too is eager to go back.

"For now, I am sure there is no solution. We just have to wait for the lockdown to be over. I will be happy if there is a solution to go back," said Katebay. He has got no response after he called his embassy last week.

In North East of India, Liberian player Alfred Jaryan is staying put with Ugandan Richard Kassaga in a flat.

"We struggled initially with nothing available available but then the local council provided us with food stuff," said Alfred.

Perhaps Alfred's remark on the situation situation sums up the whole situation.

"We have to adapt and help each other." said Alfred.

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