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Indians posing as journalists covering Commonwealth Games detained in Brisbane

Indians posing as journalists covering Commonwealth Games detained in Brisbane

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Published: 29 March 2018 10:00 AM GMT
Take five to come up with instances that would be really embarrassing for India on a global level. If you can't, here is one. Apparently, a handful of Indians were caught at the Brisbane airport, posing as journalists covering the Commonwealth Games. According to The Guardian, a 46 year old man has been charged with helping imposters smuggle their way to Australia with false papers. The imposters who claimed to have arrived as journalists to cover the CWG have been arrested and detained until it is decided what will be done. The man who has been charged with leading this business can allegedly face up to 20 years in prison and will appear before the Brisbane magistrate's court today. According to the Australian Border Force, an Air Liaison Officer in Bangkok smelled a rat and tipped the ABF about the possible arrival of travellers without authenticity. They were then detained for questioning on arrival. 'Anyone wishing to enter Australia, including athletes, team officials, spectators and the media, must hold a valid visa and accreditation and must be deemed to be a legitimate visitor,' the ABF regional commander Terry Price said. He furthered went on to warn imposters about trying to pull off such stunts, with respect to the highly skilled ALOs that are in place across the different airports along the routes. He said, 'We have a skilled network of ALOs at key overseas international airports who can identify travellers of concern and stop them travelling or, as in this case, provide real-time information to alert colleagues onshore.' With high profile events like the Commonwealth Games approaching, security around the borders is expected to be on their toes more than usual. Price added, "The ABF remains highly alert to other similar attempts that may occur as we get closer to the start of the Commonwealth Games.' With huge numbers travelling to Australia to cover, participate and experience the CWG, a lot of people use these opportunities and try to mingle with the crowd, expecting to go unnoticed. The Queensland deputy police commissioner, Bob Gee, said the incident was proof that the system to stop illegal arrivals using the Commonwealth Games as cover worked. Well, let us hope the Indian Contingent have a more auspicious outing than these imposters did in Australia.
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