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Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games 2018: Day 2 Live updates

Commonwealth Games 2018: Day 2 Live updates

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Published: 5 April 2018 3:11 PM GMT
Please refresh for updates. Weightlifting: Heartbreaking for Saraswati Rout here https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982188524177833986 Boxing: Amit Phangal registers fantastic scores here against his opponent from Ghana to progress iin the Men's 49kg. A unanimous win after dominating all 3 rounds. (Score: 30-26,30-26,30-27,30-27,30-25) https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982189315504533506 Squash https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982174672467804166 Squash https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982173546620203008 Weightlifting WE HAVE A FOURTH MEDAL! https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982146707147259905
https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982138520146882560 Hockey: https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982142063528456193 Badminton: https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982141308264374272 Boxing: In case you missed this news from morning: https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982105451989909504 Squash: Not the best start for Indian squash https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982132864903884801 Hockey: Gurjit Kaur and Rani Rampal help India thrash Malaysia https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982138520146882560 Badminton: Sikki/Ponnappa win easy https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982135093987651585
Reddy/Ponnappa win first game
https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982131240412184578 Hockey: https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982128096617746432 A Squash update is in order: https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982123346941829120 https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982123367162560512 Badminton: And the lead increases. 20-18 now. This is boiling down to the wire. Game Point for Kidambi Badminton: Close tie between Srikanth Kidambi and Kieran Merrilees. A slim lead for Kidambi and a game of nerves now 19-17 to the Indian. Hockey: Both Malaysia and India are trying to play the fast-paced game, as the ball ping pongs from one end to the other. However, this fast game is also leading to a few mistakes. India 1-0 Malaysia.
It's going points for points at the moment. All a game of nerves. yesterday's matches may have been one-sided but Scotland have proved to be a quite a competitor. 14-12 to Srikanth in Game 1 Hockey https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982120116652355587 Badminton: Kieran Merrilees has got off to a good start but it will take a lot to keep up the momentum against World No 2 Srikanth Kidambi. Kidambi still trailing 6-8 Badminton Srikanth Kidambi seems to have gotten over his initial struggles. He's closing in the gap. Still trailing 5-6. Hockey https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982118023904411649
https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982116070512254976 We need to interject with Hockey here https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982115473184587778 After slumping to a 3-2 defeat to Wales in their opening match, the Indian Women's hockey team will look to bounce back against Malaysia in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Badminton https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982112603294978048 Badminton: Saina takes the first game of the opening match (Women's Singles) 21-14. vs Julie MacPherson Badminton https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982108371116412929 We're on for Badminton
https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982107747582803968 An update on Boxing https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982105451989909504 An update on Para Swimming https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982091480385777665 We'll be back with Hockey and Badminton in a short while. Worth remembering: The country is celebrating Mirabai Chanu's historic feat at the Commonwealth Games 48 kg weightlifting event, but something she said soon after winning gold must make us stop and think. 'I don't have a physio with me here in the competition. He was not allowed here, I did not get enough treatment coming into the competition. There is nobody, we did tell officials but nothing happened. I had requested that my physio be allowed but he was not. But we are helping each other and managing so far,'
she told
PTI. Read more here. https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982077482948952065 https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982073731718631424 She fails and it's a GOLD for India! Sanjita Chanu wins a GOLD! It all comes down to the wire as Dika Toua will attempt to catch up. Sanjita Chanu nearly there. Attempting 112 kgs on her 3rd attempt. A Games record attempt. She fails to clear it. Sanjita Chanu clears her lift of 104 kg on her second C&J attempt. Can Dika Taou catch up? Rachel Leblanc-Bazinet takes the Bronze with a total of 181kg. Top 2 spots up for grabs https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982071116335378432 Defending Champion
Dika Toua
attempting 102kg in her first attempt. Remember, she stands 3rd after Snatch. She clears it and confirms a medal. Total of 181kg for Leblanc-Bazinet. Sanjita Chanu and Dika Toua yet to begin their Clean and Jerk. The medal race still seems wide open with the amount of competition here. Canadian Rachel Leblanc-Bazinet, who finished 2nd on Snatch fails 98kg, in her first C&J attempt. Yesterday Mirabai Chanu's historic feat at the Commonwealth Games 48 kg weightlifting event has been talked about, but something she said soon after winning gold must make us stop and think. Read: Indian weightlifters are bringing gold, but at what cost?
A little disappointing for Australian Tagen Napper who fails to lift 94kg on her second Clean and Jerk attempt. The crowd support for her is heartening. Mary Lifu clears 93kg on her 3rd Clean and Jerk attempt. Brilliant from the Somalian here. Gymnastics: https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982065014906339328 Remember, how things stood after three rounds of Snatch. Sanjita on top with a 84kg lift, Canada's Rachel LeBlanc-Bazinet second with 81 with defending champion Loa Dika Toua third with 80kg. All three are yet to compete in Clean and Jerk! Only a handful of weightlifters left to appear on the mat! Ruth Baffoe of Ghana finishes with 165 kg (88+77) and Wales' Katrin Jones follows her with 165 kg (72+93) too. The entry weight for Sanjita in clean and jerk will be
103 kg!
She is yet to attempt her first lift. https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982060820044681216 The clean and jerk is underway and upto 85 kg have been lifted! https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982049345485918208 The clean and jerk is due to begin in a few minutes' time. Sanjita bettered the 83kg set by fellow Indian Swarti Singh at Glasgow 2014. She takes a 3kg lead over Leblanc-Bazinet into the clean and jerk. https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982055864440782848 84 kg in her third lift and it is a new Commonwealth Games record now! She does it easily! Sanjita
equals the Commonwealth record
with an 83 kg lift! Dika fails to lift 82 kg in her third attempt - which means Sanjita is on top! She has two more attempts to go though! https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982054146370166784 Sanjita lifts 81 kg successfully! Weightlifting: Loa Dika Toua has successfully lifted 78kg and 80kg in her first two attempts in the Snatch category. Sanjita Chanu standing by for her chance which should be up soon. Gymnastics: https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982050797499375617 It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Loa Dika Toua, the defending champion, had lifted 82 kg in snatch and 111 in clean and jerk to make a total lift of 193 in the
Glasgow 2014 Games.
A little recap here is in order. Sanjita Chanu has declared 80kg as her entry weight in the first attempt of Snatch, the same as Loa Dika Toua. Weightlifting: In case you miss, England top the medal table after Day 1 of the Commonwealth Games. Here's the tally: Uneven Bars Standings - 1st Bonita Shurmer (10.450) ; 2nd Aruna Reddy (9.800) ; 3rd Pranati Nayak (9.775) https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982040997222756352 Gymnastics - Aruna Reddy has come up with a worthy performance at the uneven bars as well. 9.800 on the board puts her attempt at 2nd place, only behind Bonita Shurmer's stunner. Pranati Nayak follows soon after and does commendably too. 9.775. Good for 3rd spot. Aruna attracted a 0.300 penalty from the judges. How costly will that turn out to be? [embed]https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/982038202205614080[/embed] Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan gymnasts have put up a few modest scores at the uneven bars before being brushed away by Jersey's Bonita Shurmer, whose 10.450 is the highest score till now. The Indians will move on to the uneven bars as part of Rotation 2 now.
Vault Scores - 1st Pranati Nayak (13.300) ; 2nd Aruna Reddy (13.200) ; 3rd Claudia Cummins (13.050)
Naveen Daries follows up on the vault, fails to cross the 13.000 mark. Claudia Cummins thankfully cannot match her first attempt. Cannot cross 13.000, slips below Aruna and Pranati! South Africa's Claudia Cummins leaps beyond the Indians at the vault. Scores 13.400. Marginally higher than Pranati Nayak, incidentally, who celebrates her birthday today. With England, Scotland, Wales, Australia and Canada set to appear in the later subdivisions, India have to wait and watch for the scores put up by the others to know if they shall make the finals, which shall be played over the next three days. India's women have started off action in the artistic gymnastic qualifiers Subdivision 1. The others in our group are South Africa, Sri Lanka and Jersey. There are three other subdivisions. Gymnasts shall qualify for the finals (individual events and team event) based on score at the end of all subdivisions. Pranati Das has scored 12.600. But is soon followed by Pranati Nayak, who scores 13.250, to temporarily take her to the top of the standings. Aruna Reddy has started off the vault qualifiers. She has scored 13.200 points. Quite the solid start. Pranati Das, Pranati Nayak and Aruna Reddy are the trio representing India at the artistic gymnastics qualifiers today. The missing name, of course, is Dipa Karmakar, who is recuperating from injury and watching on from back home.
We begin our day with Gymnastics today. Stay tuned.
After a memorable opening day at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Teams India will be looking to continue their form in the following day too. Mirabai Chanu won Gold while Gururaj won Silver, both from the same discipline, which is Weightlifting. https://twitter.com/TheBridge_IN/status/981898738842009601 Day 2 will witness a lot of Weightlifting action in which India has high possibilities of winning medals in various categories. Former Gold medal champion at the Commonwealth Games Khumukcham Sanjitha Chanu will be looking to add another feather in her cap when she will compete in the Women's 53kg category. Deepak Lather and Saraswati Rout will also be in action in the Men's 69 kg and Women's 58kg category respectively. India also had a great outing in the Table Tennis department too, with the Men's and Women's team winning both their respective ties and confirming their entry into the round of 16. The Indian Men had the better of Trinidad and Tobago and Northern Island without losing a match, while the Women blanked Sri-Lanka and Wales to begin their campaign.
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After losing to Wales in the opening day, Indian Women's hockey team will be looking to make a comeback when they face Malaysia in Gold Coast on Friday afternoon. India also has pretty formidable players in Squash in the likes of Dipika Pallikal Karthik and Joshina Chinnapa. Both of them will be in action in their respective round of 16 fixtures while Vikram Malhotra will also fight for a place in the last eight. A lot of Gymnastics action is in for store with various athletes taking part in the Women's Individual All-around and the Women's team All-round events. A lot of cyclists will also paddle for glory at the Commonwealth Games medals up for grabs Women's sprint, Women's 3000m Individual pursuit, Men's 4000m individual pursuit and the Keirin events. Deborah Herold and Alena Reji will be the ones to look out for. Here is the schedule: [table id=12 /]
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