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Women's Candidates Chess: Koneru Humpy one win away from semifinals

Koneru Humpy drew her second Pool A quarterfinal game at the 2022 Women's Candidates Chess against Ukraine's Anna Muzychuk.

Koneru Humpy Chess

Koneru Humpy is the most experienced Indian chess player at the Candidates 2024. (Photo credit: FIDE)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 27 Oct 2022 5:44 AM GMT

Koneru Humpy, on Wednesday, drew her second Pool A quarterfinal game at the 2022-23 Women's Candidates Chess against Ukraine's Anna Muzychuk. This result means that the Indian is just one win away in the next two games from securing a spot in the semifinals of Pool A.

Playing with the black pieces, Humpy forced Muzychuk into the territory of the Petroff defence. The Ukrainian GM went on all-out attack mode soon after and seemed to have a comfortable position, but an error in the 15th move with the bishop by Muzychuk helped Humpy regain control.

"I never really felt I was in danger. I felt I was better," Humpy was quoted as saying by FIDE post the match.

The World number 3 even had a chance to push for a win, but a small miscalculation from the Indian meant that she had to settle for a draw.

"I think my ne7 on move 18 was a mistake. I should have played ne5," Humpy added.

This draw, however, puts Koneru Humpy in a comfortable position to win the match and move into the Pool A semifinal. She just needs one more win in the remaining two games to advance further.

The third game of the quarterfinal tie between Koneru Humpy and Anna Muzychuk will be played on Friday with the Indian playing with the white pieces.

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