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WATCH: Chess IM falls from chair after making a blunder; leaves internet in splits

IM Pawel Teclaf fell from his chair after making a blunder in an endgame under time scramble in the recently concluded World Rapid and Blitz Championship.

IM Pawel Teclaf Chess

IM Pawel Teclaf (Source: FIDE)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 4 Jan 2022 10:51 AM GMT

A Chess International Master (IM) from Poland, Pawel Teclaf, has become the new internet sensation, thanks to his antics after making a blunder during a game at the recently concluded World Rapid and Blitz Championships in Warsaw.

Playing against Tigran Petrosian, Teclaf blundered in the endgame under time scramble and lost the match. The reaction which followed was pretty hilarious.

As soon as the 18-year-old realised what a grave mistake he has made he leaned backwards on his chair before falling off it, completely losing his balance.

The youngster later, in an interview with FIDE, said that the incident has helped him get popular amongst fans.

"In the morning, I was in the elevator & a person standing next to me was staring at me and on her phone back and forth, smirking. When I go to my room, I opened Whatsapp and saw plenty of links and realised I am getting popular."

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