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How Chennai is preparing for Chess Olympiad 2022: In Pictures

The 44th Chess Olympiad is 2 days away and the preparations in Tamilnadu are on full song. Let's look at some of the pictures.

How Chennai is preparing for Chess Olympiad 2022: In Pictures
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Pritish Raj

Updated: 28 July 2022 9:48 AM GMT

India is hosting the 44th Chess Olympiad for the very first time. To celebrate this big occasion, the All India Chess Federation and Tamilnadu Government are not letting any stones unturned.

Chennai looks like a chess board with all the wall murals, posters and big hoardings.

Let us look at some pictures which sum up the significance of the event.

  • The Hall is ready to host the finest minds in the world and it can't get more beautiful.
The Chess Hall for matches.
  • The marketing strategy to reach the people of Tamilnadu has turned milk packets into chess boards and it seems the perfect way to reach the common masses.
Brilliant Marketing Strategy.
  • The iconic 153-year-old Napier Bridge is painted as Chess Board to commemorate the 44th Chess Olympiad.

  • Thambi- A word used for younger brother in Tamil is the name of the official mascot of the 44th Chess Olympiad. A Knight dressed in the traditional Tamil attire, Thambi is ready to host the amazing people.
An army of Thambis. (Credit- ANI)
  • A wall mural showing Thambi gearing for the 44th Chess Olympiad.
Thambi is ready to take on the world. (Credits- FIDE Twitter)

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