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Online Poker in India is starting to boom in popularity

Online Poker in India is starting to boom in popularity

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Published: 4 Jan 2021 9:52 AM GMT

Mobile phone technology has transformed India and now nearly 500,000 million are connected which is growing at a rapid pace each year. It has given the average Indian access to all kinds of products that were not possible before. One of the main industries to gain from this is online gambling as now it is simple for Indians to gamble and there is no need for them to visit a land-based casino.

There are more than 1 billion people that live in India and the latest reports show that around 46% have taken part in some form of gambling. The lottery is one of the main ways that Indians like to gamble but the popularity of online poker is growing year-on-year. Platforms such as Goldenslot as proving a big hit as millions connect to play the best casino games.

India has its simplified version of poker called “Teen Patti” and it is played by millions of Indians each week. The app versions of this game have been downloaded by millions and it is gaining popularity. Due to its success, it has encouraged punters to play online poker due to its similarities.

A large percentage only plays for fun without gambling for any money. It has become one of the most popular games to play to pass time. There are, however, lots that like to play for high stakes and professional poker playing is on the rise. With the sizes of jackpots and tournament prizes growing each year it is only going to help increase its popularity.

The laws surrounding the legality of online gambling in India are complex. This is due to each state having its respected laws. Most Indians choose to ignore any restrictions but if they are caught they could face up to 3 months in prison and a 200 fine. With millions playing each month the Government can't regulate the industry so very little is down to prevent online gambling.

It is not just poker that is gaining huge popularity in India as casino games such as Roulette and video slots are becoming main stream. Sports betting are also on the rise with Cricket and football betting being the two most popular sports that bets are placed on. With more than 1.4 billion in population, India could become the most important gambling marketplace in the world. The top companies recognize this and are setting up shop to capitalize on this growth market.

It is not all boom however as land-based casinos have been struggling throughout 2020 and the same is expected next year. The main reason for this is due to the pandemic as they have been forced to close and with the outbreak on the rise, no one knows when things will get back to normality. One thing is for sure the games such as Teen Patti and online poker apps are going to continue their boom and there are no signs of this slowing down anytime soon.

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