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6 Card Game Myths Debunked

6 Card Game Myths Debunked

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Published: 5 Jan 2021 11:24 AM GMT

Cards are one of the most popular forms of games around the world. In different countries and continents, different types of card games are available.

Just like every other popular phenomenon, there are myths attached to the most played card games. This article aims to debunk some of these myths which lots of players have come to believe.

Always bet big if there’s a draw in Poker

A lot of people who believe this always assume they’re protecting their hand. However, betting big when there’s a draw does not increase chances of losing the minimum or winning the maximum. Even if you have a good hand, there’s also a chance that the opponent has a hand that will crush yours as a set, straight, or two-pair. Applying this strategy could even make you lose more.

Andar Bahar is a 50/50 game

This popular card game which originated in India also has some myths surrounding it. One of the most popular myths is that it offers a 50/50 chance of winning. While this is very close to the truth, it is still not accurate.

The odds of winning Andar Bahar is actually 51.5/48.5, depending on where the bet is placed. If your bet is placed on the side where the first card will be placed, the chance of winning the game becomes 51.5% but the prize for winning goes a bit lower. Casinos award the lower prize for the position to discourage people from betting there. As simple as it is, knowing this is one of the best winning tricks in Andar Bahar.

Rummy is a game of luck

If you have listened to many critics of Rummy, they always say it’s a game of luck. However, the truth is that Rummy is a skill game and you must practice often to be good at it. Rummy requires a lot of skills and mental work. For example, you have to use mental abilities like observation, estimation, sharp memory, and focus while playing the game. You also need to develop a lot of strategies to apply while playing.

Having unskilled players on your blackjack table hurt your chances

A lot of gamers believe that when an unskilled or inexperienced player hits at an unexpected time, the order of the cards is mixed up. However, this has been proven several times to be untrue. The order of cards does not affect your overall chances of winning.

Nevertheless, it could be frustrating when you have an inexperienced player at the table with you. But you have more chances of enjoying the game when you focus on making better moves than what the unskilled players are doing.

You must be skilled in Math to enjoy playing Blackjack

This is another myth a lot of people believe about Blackjack. However, it’s mostly believed by the newbies and those who have never played or learned the rules of the game. Playing Blackjack is very easy for anyone to learn. It doesn’t matter whether you excelled at Math in school or not. All you simply have to do is learn and follow the rules carefully. Also, when you practice often, you get better at it.

It will also help if you apply Blackjack tricks and betting strategies. This will help to improve your chances of enjoying the game.

Playing Cards make you unsociable

This is generally believed for all card games. However, it is untrue. Playing cards have helped people make more friends easily. Moreover, online card gaming these days exposes you to many new people from around the world. You can join game rooms and chat with many of your opponents.

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