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I can't get enough of this team final. ROC smashed... ... Tokyo Olympics: Artistic Gymnastics LIVE Day 4 - ROC wins gold, Simone Biles withdraws - Updates, results, scores, medal, blog


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Published: 2021-07-27 13:03:18.0

I can't get enough of this team final. ROC smashed that. Absolutely smashed that competition. 

They are now gold medalists on the mens and womens team final!! What an achievement - you can really see what this means to them. 

On the flip side - really feel for USA. The girls have done absolutely everything in their power to be their best today. Great resilience and mental toughness shown at a difficult time. Hope the officials see this as a HUGE warning sign to NOT take Simone Biles for granted. 

Say it with me "Simone Biles is a person, not a strategy". They cannot use her as a cushion. More thought should have gone into team selection and strategy. Just because Simone hits every time, most don't realise the pressure she is under. It is unimaginable the pressure she may feel when the whole of USA is basically counting on her to hit every SINGLE TIME. 

They should take the silver with pride! As they deserve it. 

Good wishes to Simone as she prepared for event finals - hopefully she will recover from any medical/mental health issues and come back to the arena on Thursday ready to smash the competition!

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