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"Whatsapp group with Ukraine Boxing family" — How boxer Neeraj Goyat is helping stranded Indians amidst Russian invasion

Professional boxer Neeraj Goyat talks to The Bridge about how he is helping the Indian students stuck in Ukraine via Whatsapp.

Neeraj Goyat Boxer Ukraine Students Russia

Neeraj Goyat (Source: News18)


Abhijit Nair

Updated: 2 March 2022 12:13 PM GMT

Ever since Russia started its invasion of Ukraine, the situation at the European country has been worsening with each passing day. The number of casualties being reported in Ukraine also continues to rise with every passing minute, with no end in sight.

Close to 20,000 Indians were reported to have been stranded in Ukraine when the war broke out between the two countries. Though quite a few have managed to return back to their home countries, thanks to the efforts of the Indian government, a majority of them continue to remain stuck.

While there have been reports of Indians being ill-treated in Ukraine due to their nation's stand in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), a student from Karnataka also lost his life in a Russian shelling at Kharkiv when waiting in line at a grocery store.

Amidst all this, doing whatever he can to help those Indians still stranded in Ukraine is boxer Neeraj Goyat. The 30-year-old professional boxer is trying all he can to help those stuck in the European country, sitting within the four walls of his home in India.

"There is a Whatsapp group of Ukraine boxing family, which includes a lot of people like coaches, boxers, officials, managers who are on the ground. I co-ordinate with them and provide them with the details of those looking for help," Neeraj says to The Bridge.

Neeraj's contacts are spread across different cities of Ukraine, making it easier for him to provide travel or accommodations to those who reach out to him.

"They are spread across different cities. I just try and co-ordinate with them and they help me arrange travel or shelter whatever is needed," he states.

Having started his noble deed just a couple of days ago, Neeraj has already received close to 60 requests from Indian students stuck in Ukraine.

"I managed to help a group of 25-30 students to reach to Lviv – a place near the Poland-Ukraine border, from Kharkiv via train. A second group is already enroute," Neeraj explains.

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