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How does the scoring system work in boxing at the Olympics?

Changes were made to scoring in boxing starting from Rio Olympics. Let us have a look at how scoring will be done for Tokyo Olympics.

How does the scoring system work in boxing at the Olympics?

Abishek Sadanandam

Updated: 14 Jun 2021 12:31 PM GMT

Boxing has been part of the Olympics right from 1904 and leaving the 1912 Olympics; it has been part of every edition of the Olympics. When it started in 1904, the only country to enter the competition was the USA.

The USA has a rich medal haul of 114 medals, including 50 gold medals, making them the most successful team in boxing at the Olympics. Until the 2008 Olympics, boxing was only a men's event, but from the 2012 Olympics, women's boxing became part of the games. The weight categories have seen immense changes from 1904 to now. Current boxing at the Olympics has 13 weight categories, 8 for men and 5 for women.

The scoring system changed from the 2016 Rio Olympics. Let us have a look at the changes in the scoring system and how points are awarded to the boxer in a match.

Scoring system in boxing

• Boxer competes in three rounds of three minutes each.

• "10 point must system" will be used at the Tokyo Olympics.

• Five judges score the boxers based on criteria such as the number of punches landed on the target area, technical & tactical superiority, following the rules.

• After each round, five judges each score 10 for one boxer and somewhere between 6-9 for another boxer.

• Judges have only 15 seconds after every round to score for the boxers.

• At the end of three rounds, judges will have a score.

• The technology picks up three random judges who will declare their judgement.

• If all three judge's results are the same, then the boxer wins by unanimous decision, but if there's disagreement, then it is won by split decision.

• Fouls – The referee can give a warning or disqualification based on the fouls. First warning, the judge will deduct a point, three more warnings boxer will automatically get disqualified. Fouls are such as hitting below the belt, hitting the opponent with head or shoulder, hitting at the back of the head, etc.

Boxer Amit Panghal of India

Different types of win

• Win by points (WP) – At the end of the match, judges give their score round-by-round. The judges can either award the winner unanimously or by split decision (if one of the judges disagrees about the winner)

• Win by technical knockout (TKO) – If a boxer is not able to continue in the match because of injury or if he fails to come immediately after the rest between rounds

• Win by disqualification (DSQ) – This is when the boxer is disqualified, and reasons might be injuring the opponent intentionally, receiving three warnings etc

• Win by knockout (KO) – The boxer loses the match this way if he doesn't resume boxing even after 10 seconds of getting knocked out by the opponent.

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