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Mary Kom is Boxing, Boxing is Mary Kom

Mary Kom is Boxing, Boxing is Mary Kom

Saksham Mishra

Published: 20 Oct 2019 3:14 AM GMT

India mera dil mein hai. I fail to understand why the entire world is after me from a few days. First, this Nikhat Zareen tried to blow things out of proportion on Twitter. What was the need of tagging the Honorable Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju. Does she think I can't tweet or what?

She should know that Rijiju was born in Manipur... I beg your pardon... in Arunachal. So what? It's my neighbouring state and the seven sisters are all part of the same team, aren't they?

Haven't you heard, ek Manipuri sab pe bhaari. Okay, I know there's this Sarjubala Devi in the 51-kg category as well. But, you see, she is not exactly Manipuri. I am the real one.

After Nikhat, this Pinki Jangra also jumped into the debate. I don't know why these kids are being so disrespectful. Don't they know who I am? Can't they comprehend what I have achieved and by God's grace continue to do so.

This Pinki Jangra is just a national champion and I am a six-time World Champion. You see the difference? What are they trying to achieve by creating this ruckus?

Do they want to scare me? Have they forgotten what Priyanka didi said when she portrayed me in my biopic, "Kabhi kisi ko itna bhi mat darao ki dar hi khatm ho jaaye". Or they haven't seen it yet. I was told everybody in India saw that movie many times over and drew more inspiration each time.

I don't know what people's problem is? I am just a hardworking person, slogging my heart out in the ring to bring glory to India. I don't understand why people are so jealous of me. This Nikhat Zareen, I have beaten her so many times that I have even lost count. I am not scared to face her. I am not scared to face anyone. I don't even get scared.... ever. Is scared even a word?

Mera old coach sir bolta tha, main bilkul natural boxer hai.

I am Mary Kom after all. I already said in an interview back in November 2018 that I am unique and there won't be another Mary Kom. Why don't these girls stop trying? Mera old coach sir bolta tha, main bilkul natural boxer hai.

So, as I was saying, that Nikhat, I just beat her in the semi-final of the India Open this May.

Then this Abhinav Bindra has also started humming similar tunes. I tell you, he is suffering from 'begaani shaadi mein Abdulla deewana' syndrome. That Harvard-return is trying to be oversmart unnecessarily. He may have won an Olympic gold but I too have eight World Championship medals. What does he know about boxing? He is a shooter. I never ask him that has he even picked up a sniper in his life. Why does he need to poke his nose in boxing then?

My dad tells me that a few years before I was born, in 1974, just before the emergency was proclaimed, there was one popular slogan. It was the time after Indira Gandhi had come to power with a landslide victory in 1971.

"Indira is India, India is Indira," they said. Though I respect her, as I respect all women who achieve a place of note in their life as I know how difficult it is to do that being a woman myself, I never ascribed to that slogan. I think the greater domain, be it politics or sports, is always bigger than an individual.

I tell this to all my girls at my academy back home as well. Despite the list of my laurels - and there is a long list, you would know - modesty and courtesy are the two mantras I choose to live my life by and that, I won't change, no matter what.

(Disclaimer: This is written as a satirical article, and should not be taken literally. It is a work of fiction written for the purpose of humour only.)

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