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World Boxing Qualifiers: Deepak, Nishant, Shiva, Jaismine eye Paris quotas

Indian boxers will be eyeing for the Paris Olympics quota places at the World Boxing Qualifiers starting Sunday.

World Boxing Qualifiers: Deepak, Nishant, Shiva, Jaismine eye Paris quotas

Deepak Bhoria, Mohammad Husamuddin, Nishant Dev and Shiva Thapa (from left to right). 


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Updated: 2 March 2024 11:36 AM GMT

Indian boxing contingent, containing nine players - seven male and two female boxers, will take part in World Boxing Qualifiers Stage-1 at Busto Arsizio, Italy, from 3rd February to 11th February.

This event will be the first of the two world qualifying events, which will also offer Paris Olympic quota places for the top four boxers in the men's category while 2 to 4 quota places in the women's category.

Former Asian champion Shiva Thapa and World Championships medalists Deepak Bhoria, Nishant Dev, and Mohammad Hussamuddin will lead the Indian men's contingent as they eye for the first boxing spots in the men's category for India.

Male boxers had a disappointing outing at the Asian Games as they failed to grab any quota places from the event, but this will be the second opportunity for them to do so.

Deepak, who lost to Tomoya Tsuboi of Japan in 51kg, will face him again in the qualifiers, as youngster Nishant Dev will go into the tournament as one of the favourites to clinch the Olympic quota place.

Mohammad Hussamuddin, who returned to the team after a long injury break, will try to clinch the coveted quota place as early as possible to focus on full recovery.

Indian women boxers have already secured four out of six available quota places from the Asian Games. Hence only two players, national champions Jaismine Lamboriya and Ankushuita Boro will participate in the qualifiers to seal the list in the women's category.

Jaismine, playing in 60kg, has a very tough ask as only three quota places are available in her category which already has a lot of competition, as Ankushita Boro, who has returned to the national team after missing out on the Asian Games, will represent India in the 66kg category.


Men's team:- Deepak Bhoria (51kg), Mohammed Hussamuddin (57kg), Shiva Thapa (63.5kg), Nishant Dev (71kg), Lakshya Chahar (80kg), Sanjeet Kumar (92kg), Narender Berwal (+92kg)

Women's Team:- Jaismine Lamboria (60kg), Ankushita Boro (66kg)


3 March

6:30 PM: Preliminary: W60kg, M63.5kg, M71kg

11:30 PM: Preliminary: M51kg, M92+kg

4 March

3:30 PM: Preliminary: W50kg, W54kg, W57kg, W75kg

8:00 PM: Preliminary: M57kg, M80kg

12:30 AM: Preliminary: M57kg, M80kg - Midnight

5 March

3:30 PM: Preliminary: W60kg, M63.5kg, M71kg

8:00 PM: Preliminary: M63.5kg, M71kg

12:30 AM: Preliminary: M63.5kg, M71kg - Midnight

6 March

3:30 PM: Preliminary: W60kg, W75kg

8:00 PM: Preliminary: W66kg, M51kg, M92kg, M92+kg

12:30 AM: Preliminary: M51kg, M92kg, M92+kg - Midnight

7 March

3:30 PM: Preliminary: W54kg, W57kg, W60kg

8:00 PM: Preliminary: W54kg, W57kg, M63.5kg, M92kg

12:30 AM: Preliminary: M63.5kg, M92kg - Midnight

8 March

3:30 PM: Preliminary: W66kg, M80kg

8:00 PM: Preliminary: W50kg, M57kg, M80kg

12:30 AM: Preliminary: W50kg, W57kg, M57kg - Midnight

9 March

3:30 PM: Semifinal: W75kg, M71kg

8:00 PM: Semifinal: W54kg, W66kg, M63.5kg, M92kg, M92+kg

12:30 AM: Semifinal: W54kg, W66kg, M63.5kg, M92kg, M92+kg - Midnight

10 March

6:30 PM: Semifinal: W57kg, W60kg, M51kg, M80kg

11:30 PM: Semifinal: W50kg, M57kg, M71kg

11 March

6:30 PM: Finals: W54kg, W66kg, W75kg, M63.5kg, M92kg, M92+kg

11:30 PM: Finals: W50kg, W57kg, W60kg, M51kg, M57kg, M71kg, M80kg

When and where to watch the livestreaming of World Boxing Qualification Stage 1?

The 1st World Boxing Qualification Tournament for the Paris Olympics will be streamed live on Olympics.com on the finals on the 10th and 11th of March when the majority of Olympic quota places will be on offer.

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