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Boxing Federation of India recommends home remedies to its pugilists for any illness

The federation has shared home remedies with the all the Indian boxers.

Boxing Federation of India recommends home remedies to its pugilists for any illness

The Bridge Desk

Published: 19 April 2020 7:24 AM GMT

The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) has strictly recommended to Indian boxers home remedies if they complain of headache or flu and not take any medicine.

The federation is using the lockdown time to educate its boxers on the proper doping protocol.

Manju Rani had complained of headache to the federation, and the officials immediately connected her with their doctor and he gave few tips which worked for the Indian boxer.

“I followed the tips and it worked for me,” Manju told Mail Today.

Speaking to the paper, the team's doctor Amol A Patil said, “This is the time when all of us need to stay home and keep ourselves safe. While it is our utmost priority to see that players don’t have any kind of illnesses or felling awkwardness and any kind of regular and simple ailments can be resort with the goodness of our kitchen ingredients which works wonders as home remedies.

“This way we also safeguard our players from taking any kind of medications and natural healing is possible and no one is needed to step out of to see doctor during this lockdown period,” he added.

The BFI has shared home remedies with the all the boxers now.

“Some common household remedies. Strong black coffee without sugar will relieve migraines. Organic oatmeal with water and lemon can help with constipation. Lemon juice and baking soda a tsp natural antacid and relieves symptoms of heartburns. Drinking orange juice with breakfast can protect you from cold or flu. Chicken soup without fat will help to ease stomach pain. Can apply a warm compress. Oatmeal for skin ailments,” the federation stated.

“For headache, lie down on floor and apply cold pack on the forehead for 10 min. Then drink a mixture of garlic juice, honey and clove. Avoid exposure to bright light. Callback if it doesn’t help you. Take 1 cup water. Add 1 complete lemon and 3 spoon honey to it. Add a pinch of baking soda and then drink the whole mixture after mixing it. Call back if your stomach still hurts,” it read.

“For nasal congestion/flu, try to avoid allergens like dust, pollen, in your room. Wash your room curtains and bed sheets frequently to avoid exposure to allergens. Drink freshly prepared Orange juice with breakfast. Take steam inhalation before sleeping and may repeat 2-3 times a day.

“Prepare oatmeal. See the recipe on YouTube. Apply evenly on the irritant skin surface and leave for 10 min. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Wash off. Repeat for the next 5 days. Call back if the irritation increases or skin flares up,” it said.

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