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Boxing: AIBA to hold elections for its Board of Directors in 2022

The announcement came after the IOC restated its deepest concerns on boxing's place in the 2024 Paris Olympics, citing "unresolved" issues with AIBA

AIBA: Youth World Boxing

AIBA: Youth World Boxing (Source: EastMojo)



Updated: 22 Sep 2021 3:06 PM GMT

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) on Wednesday announced that it would hold elections for its Board of Directors in 2022 while athlete representatives will be elected during the two World Championships later this year, continuing its push to be accepted back into the IOC fold.

The announcement came after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) "restated its deepest concerns" on boxing's place in the 2024 Paris Olympics, citing "unresolved" issues with the AIBA's governance structure, financial situation and the scoring system.

The AIBA, in response, promised to "exceed" the laid down criteria. "Meeting online, the AIBA Board of Directors agreed the outline timeline for elections, made steps towards the election of athlete representatives and approved further measures aimed at delivering AIBA's reforms in good governance, financial and sporting integrity," read the AIBA's latest statement. "On 12 December, AIBA will host a Congress as the first step in holding elections for the Board of Directors."

The IOC had listed the pending elections for the board of directors as a major point of contention. Based on advice from the team of independent governance experts led by Professor Dr. Ulrich Haas, AIBA said it aims to adopt enhanced eligibility criteria and verification mechanisms in December, prior to elections that would then take place in 2022.

"Boxers and those who support them deserve to be absolutely sure that their leadership is the right leadership and to exercise their democratic rights effectively," said AIBA President Umar Kremlev. "The adoption of even stricter regulations will ensure these elections are carried out to a level of good governance that I believe will serve as an example for others."

Based on decisions made on Tuesday, AIBA athlete representative elections will be held firstly at the men's world championship in Belgrade from October 24. "Further elections will be held at the women's world championships, with a date and host expected to be confirmed soon."

The AIBA also said that as part of its commitment to gender equality, equal prize money will be given for both men and women medal winners at the World Championship level.

"Financial integrity was also on the agenda, with the engagement of an auditor for the financial year 2020-21. The Board of Directors also considered the protocols for the refereeing and judging selection process for the forthcoming world championships, including the principles used by the IOC's Boxing Task Force such as background checks and detailed selection criteria.

"Providing a fair chance and a fair fight for boxers is at the very heart of AIBA and I am very proud of the changes we are making to deliver those vital promises," said Kremlev.

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