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At 3ft 4in, Maharashtra's Pratik Mohite enters Guinness Book as world's shortest competitive bodybuilder

Pratik Vitthal Mohite has bagged the world record title for being the shortest competitive bodybuilder in the world.

Pratik Mohite (Source- Guinness World Records)

Pratik Mohite (Source- Guinness World Records)


Md Imtiaz

Published: 8 Oct 2021 11:48 AM GMT

Pratik Vitthal Mohite was born with his hands and feet measuring incredibly small. The doctors had suggested to his parents that their son would not ever be able to walk or move by himself.

But as a grown-up, Mohite, who is measured 102 cm (3 ft 4 in), is the shortest competitive bodybuilder (male) in the world, as verified in February 2021 by the Guinness World Records.

Hailing from Maharashtra, Mohite's bodybuilding career started back in 2012. He fell in love with work out seeing his uncle, and he started hitting the gym. His peers would make fun of him, thinking that he was weak. However, Mohite had this intense belief in proving people wrong. He soon developed a strict routine consisting of a 30-minute run every morning, and 2-hour workouts in the gym every evening.

Pratik's first participated in a competitive event in 2016. And till now he has competed in more than 40 bodybuilding competitions. Initially, during his workouts, he struggled to grip the equipment.

"People thought I'm weak," he said to GuinessWorld Records. But, thanks to hours of hard work in the gym and a can-do mindset, Pratik proved people wrong.

In a video shared on YouTube by the Guinness World Record, Pratik spoke about his daily routine and the ways in which he ensured his victory. "It was my dream to achieve a Guinness World Records title and it's such an honour to achieve it. I'm very happy and till now this will be my biggest achievement in my career," Pratik told Guinness World Record.

He wants to pass on the message that anyone can do anything if they have a goal in mind and stay focused.

Pratik's first participated in a competitive event in 2016.

Pratik makes sure to have a healthy breakfast, which has special diet food. In the afternoon, he hits the gym for two hours. He concludes his day with a 30-minute-long run. Other than that, Pratik likes playing cricket with his friends.

Pratik's aim is to open his own gym someday and this world record is a step further to achieve his goals.

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