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Indian National Basketball League: A game changer for Indian basketball

Amritpal Singh talks about the potential of basketball in India after an exhibition match at the the INBL Pro Launch, Professional Basketball league in India.

Indian National Basketball League: A game changer for Indian basketball

The captains ahead of the exhibition match at the INBL Pro Launch event. (Image Credits: INBL/IG)


Pritish Raj

Updated: 13 May 2024 10:38 AM GMT

Amritpal Singh, a towering figure in Indian basketball, expressed his elation at the sight of a huge crowd gathered to witness the INBL in action at the launch of the league at Headstart Arena on Friday.

"We haven't witnessed such a crowd in India often. So, I am very happy to see so many enthusiastic fans here to support us," Amritpal told The Bridge on the sidelines of the exhibition match. With the Indian basketball scene still growing, Amritpal believes that INBL will be crucial for the growth of Indian youngsters in the sport.

"For all the young players, it is going to be a huge opportunity. The league will be broadcast and it will be promoted which will result in more people watching it," said Amritpal, underlining the importance of leagues like INBL Pro. By providing a platform for professional competition, the INBL lays the groundwork for the advancement of the sport at all levels. As Singh aptly notes, the proliferation of professional leagues is essential for nurturing a robust supply chain of young players, thereby bolstering the strength and depth of the Indian national team.

The development of youthful talent lies at the core of INBL's goal. With its competitive schedule and professional structure, the league provides prospective basketball players with a means to improve their abilities and present themselves to a national audience. This exposure fosters a sense of professionalism and discipline that are necessary for success in any sport or field.

"Such leagues and competitions are important for the growth of the sport in the country. With more professional leagues, the Indian team will improve as the supply chain of young players will also start coming in," he asserted.

The League is set to make its debut in two cities with six teams and 45 days of regular competition. The league will have an auction before the tournament to decide the rosters of the teams. It provides the athletes and the teams with ample opportunity to showcase their skills and fight for the trophy. This event is not in association with BFI.

Aspiring athletes can develop resilience, discipline, and a strong work ethic by learning from those who have experienced the highs and lows of professional basketball. Basketball is a fast-paced game that promotes a culture of accountability and responsibility among players.

Amritpal believes that rubbing shoulders with experienced players will do a world of good for Indian youngsters and pros alike. "By playing with the professional players, the young players will have a great chance to rub shoulders with experienced players. The exposure provided by this league could be a game changer for the youngsters," he concluded.

The Indian National Basketball League (INBL) is not just a league. It aims to become a driving force behind the expansion and advancement of basketball in India.

As the INBL continues to gain momentum, it holds the promise of revolutionising the basketball landscape in India. Beyond the court, the league has the power to galvanise communities, foster a culture of sportsmanship, and inspire dreams of greatness among aspiring players.

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