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Basketball Federation of India launches a new national league

The Indian National Basketball League will feature nine of the best men's and women's teams from the country

Launch of Indian National Basketball League (Source: BFI/Twitter)

Launch of Indian National Basketball League (Source: BFI/Twitter)


Soumya Bontra

Published: 20 Nov 2021 12:00 PM GMT

The Basketball Federation of India announced the launch of the Indian National Basketball League on Friday (November 19), intending to improve the sport's growth in the country. In recent years, basketball has seen an increase in popularity and hence the demand for a league has been growing for a couple of years.

After facing many challenges, including the Covid-19 restrictions, the federation finally introduced the fans to INBL. However, the league is expected to unfold only after the senior basketball nationals, earlier next year in Indore.

The league will feature nine of the best men's and women's teams from the country. Since the league is not a professional franchise league, there won't be any foreign players involved, making it purely focused on Indian players. Hence, INBL will be a golden opportunity for many young talents and a revolution for the future of Indian basketball.

In a press conference, BFI president Dr. K Govindraj said, "INBL was my dream for a long time. After all the issues and problems, we have come across, now India will be able to see more and more basketball and the sports will become more popular too. I want India to feature in more international events, but for that our players need to have more competition and opportunities. Then only we will be able to reach that goal. We also need more infrastructure, which also makes a lot of difference to improve the standard of basketball, or any sports."

We are sure all the basketball enthusiasts are as thrilled as we are and can't wait for INBL to begin.

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