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Basketball: Gasol Brothers prepare for their farewell at the Tokyo Olympics

The famous Basketball players, Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol have won most of the top team awards and now the Olympic gold is the only missing jewel in the crown.

Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol

Pau Gasol #4 and Marc Gasol #13 of Spain during 2012 Olympics


Ananth Narasimman

Updated: 13 July 2021 10:08 AM GMT

It was not too long ago that a tall lanky 21- year old kid from Barcelona made his way into the National Basketball Association, starting a legendary career. Pau Gasol is a name that basketball fans are not going to forget anytime soon, the future hall of fame has dominated the league and the sport for almost two decades. A delicate touch, an array of post moves, a basketball IQ that can rival the cream of the crop and unrivaled passion and determination has helped Pau set himself apart from his peers and win. These assets along with his personality is what made the late great Kobe Bryant want to team up with Gasol. Pau was a key factor in Spain's success at the Olympics and other international tournaments. The forward along with his younger brother Marc helped their country to multiple podium finishes on the international stage. Now, the 2-time champ has decided that this would be his swansong and what other way to go out than win an Olympic gold for your country with someone you grew up and battled for years with.

Marc Gasol was 16 when he moved to The United States with his parents to go live with his older brother Pau who played for the Grizzlies at that point. Marc was different from his brother despite sharing similarities like his ferocious passion and determination. He returned to Barcelona after high school to start what would turn out to be a very illustrious career. It did not take too long for the younger Gasol brother to quickly establish himself and grab attention from league scouts. The rights to draft Marc were ironically traded by the Lakers to Grizzlies for his brother Pau in 2008. He went right to work and helped build a strong core that specialized in defense, famously leading to the "Grit and Grind era". Gasol's skill levels and Basketball IQ helped him anchor a Memphis defense that was as stubborn as they come, leading to him winning the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2013. Living in the shadow of an extremely talented sibling is always a major worry but never for Mark since he always wanted to carve out his own path, despite the similarities between the brothers. Pau seems to be more calculative while Marc is more free-flowing with his game. It was almost as if Pau's game was like Science and Marc's like Art.

Kobe described it best in an interview with Sports Illustrated, "It's always the case where it's like the older sibling is the more poised, responsible, less adventurous one, you know what I mean?" Kobe Bryant said. "If they're standing there on a cliff and they're getting ready to bungee jump, Pau might ask how the bungee jump works. 'Is it completely safe?' And Marc, being the younger one, would just jump."

Marc Gasol #33 and Pau Gasol #16 (Source: SB Nation)

The brothers might have taken two different paths to get to where they are but the bond shared between them has not changed over the years. They have won most of the top team awards in the sport and now the Olympic gold is the only missing jewel in the crown. Marc and Pau might be the most successful sibling duo in Sport, but nothing would compare to the joy of winning for your Nation with your brother by your side.

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