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Elite Pro Basketball League signs top Indian national players as marquee signings

Well-known Indian national team players like Jagdeep Bains, Pratham Singh and Prakash Mishra are among the first 12 marquee signings in Elite Pro Basketball League.

Elite Pro Basketball League

Elite Pro Basketball League 


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Published: 11 Jun 2022 6:29 AM GMT

India's Elite Pro Basketball League has announced its first round of key player signings for the 12 participating franchises. Organized by Elite Sports India (ESI), the player announcements were made on social media.

The key signings include Indian national team players like Jagdeep Bains (Mumbai Stars), Pratham Singh (Pune Pythons) Prakash Mishra (Jaipur Giants). Other players include Basil Philip (Kochi Pachers), Vinay Kaushik ( Chandigarh Conquerors), actor Arvind Krishna (Hyderabad Hoops), Ram Gopal (Lucknow Swarm), Ravikumar (Chennai Turbos), Rachit Singh (Punjab Gladiators), Karan Pal Singh (Ahmedabad Aces), Arshdeep Singh (Delhi Dominators) and Visu Palani (Bengaluru Stallions).
An excited Jagdeep Singh Bains, an Indian professional basketball player and a marquee player for Mumbai Stars says, "I am super excited to be a part of India's first and only pro Basketball league Elite Pro Basketball League. This will give a platform to grow the sport in India which is much required."
Pratham Singh who also represents India and is a marquee player for Pune Pythons, says, "Elite Pro Basketball League is the need of the hour. They are not only promoting the sport but also athlete-friendly and are giving the best remuneration for players in India. This will boost the sport in India and encourage younger players to take up the sport."
Talking about the same CEO of Elite Pro Basketball Pvt, Ltd. Mr Sunny Bhandarkar said, "When we approached these players they were immediately sold on the idea of the league and thought this would be a great platform to promote the sport in India."
Adding further he said, "The shelf life of professional athletes, especially in our country remains very limited. We are keen to provide new opportunities to proven Indian team stars, and EPBL will be a financially rewarding second innings for them. EPBL is committed to elongating players' careers through enhanced incentives and high visibility across platforms."
EPBL conducted one of the biggest try out for Basketball in India. "Basketball is a sport on the rise in India. EPBL aims to be a crucial addition to India's basketball calendar to ensure the country's best players maintain their competitive fitness and can contribute in a superior manner to their local club, state and national teams," Mr Bhandarkar remarked.

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