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2K Foundations and Hi 5 Youth Foundation join hands to build a new basketball court

The state-of-the-art basketball is built at MPS CBSE Mithagar School in Mumbai

basketball court

2K Foundations and Hi 5 Youth Foundation join hands to build a new basketball court in Mumbai


Press Release

Updated: 15 Dec 2023 6:44 AM GMT

2K Foundations, the philanthropic branch of 2K that supports and inspires underserved communities by directly investing in local enrichment programs, has announced its latest project and first basketball court in India with Hi 5 Youth Foundation an organization dedicated to running a free grassroots-level basketball excellence program for underprivileged children at public schools. The newly built state-of-the-art outdoor basketball court at the MPS CBSE Mithagar School in Mumbai – will help 150 children train daily to excel at basketball under Hi 5’s Hope Thru Hoops program.

The design of the court was created with Indian artist Sneha Chakraborty . Chakraborty was a natural fit for the project having worked on many previous large projects across Mumbai.

“After speaking with the Hi 5 & 2K about their vision for the court, I understood the power of the community they have created,” said Chakraborty. “I wanted to bring out the joy of basketball and the colorful chaos of the city. This mural is special for me as it has different elements of 2K, the children of the Hi 5 community, and the city of Mumbai coming together, which has been a surreal inspiration.”

The inauguration of the court was led by Head of Lifestyle and Content Marketing, Ronnie Singh, better known as Ronnie 2K, also in attendance included dignitaries and included a ribbon-cutting ceremony as well as basketball drills and scrimmage with students of MPS CBSE Mithagar School.

“All of us at 2K couldn’t be more excited to partner with Hi 5 and see this court come to life,” said Singh. “2K Foundations has always prided itself on providing accessible opportunities to those in underserved and underdeveloped communities. To be in India where basketball continues to grow is something 2K wants to continue to invest in and we hope this court represents endless possibilities for a bright future to the next generation of hoopers and gamers alike.”

Hi 5 Youth Foundation Founders, Radhakrishnan and Usha Sundar, said “we are delighted to partner with a global organization such as 2K Foundations and work together, through the game of basketball – we expect to inspire and support underprivileged youth (especially tribal girls) to complete higher education and access a brighter future.”

The new court aims to to be a celebration of collaboration, community, and the positive impact that sports can have on the lives of young individuals. The partnership between 2K Foundations and Hi 5 exemplifies a shared commitment to investing in the future of young people.

2K Foundations continues to grow its efforts to support a number of projects, representing communities around the globe and showcasing the program’s expansion to include career and learning initiatives, expanded access to sports through golf clinics and tournaments, community enrichment opportunities through music and upgraded studios, and much more. To date, Mithagar court in Mumbai marks the 36th court project for 2K Foundations, with other recent projects including activations in Nigeria, Kenya, Japan, France and Spain.

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