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Watch: Treesa Jolly receives a red card for throwing her racket

Treesa Jolly receives a red card after she and Gayatri Gopichand lose the quarterfinal match at the Thailand Masters.

Treesa Jolly

Treesa Jolly (Source: Getty Images)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 2 Feb 2024 11:25 AM GMT

Treesa Jolly received a red card for throwing her racket after losing the quarter-final of the Thailand Masters on Friday. The Indian women's doubles pair of Treesa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand faced a tough challenge against the Indonesian pair of Febriana Kusuma and Amalia Pratiwi.

In the final moments of the game, with the score at 21-22 against them, Treesa made a critical error, pushing a return out of bounds, resulting in their defeat. Frustrated and angered by the outcome, Treesa threw her racket, causing it to crash onto the sideboards. To express her frustration further, she tapped her head in disappointment.

The chair umpire, disapproving of Treesa's behavior, issued her a red card. Although the red card traditionally awards a point to the opposing side, its impact was nullified in this case since the match had already concluded. It's worth noting that a red card is typically given to penalize subsequent infractions after receiving a yellow card, and it counts as a fault, awarding a point to the opposing side.

Notably, earlier in the match, Treesa had received a yellow card for a loud roar after winning several points.

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