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This interview of 18-yr-old Saina Nehwal will make you feel nostalgic

Dwell into this old interview of then 18-year-old Saina Nehwal as she talks about success that came her way in 2008.

This interview of 18-yr-old Saina Nehwal will make you feel nostalgic

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Published: 13 April 2020 8:41 AM GMT

With no sports happening at the moment, it is the best time to go back in the past. One could dwell on past matches, go through records or enjoy interview of your favourite stars.

We chanced upon an old video interview of Saina Nehwal by NDTV. The interview is of year 2008. Incidentally, Nehwal was immensely successful that year as she won the BWF Most Promising Young Player of the Year award, broke into top-10 of the World Rankings, played the world super series finals and also ended up playing the quarterfinals of the Olympics.

Here is the excerpt from that interview.

On being quizzed what did it feel like to be in top-10, Nehwal answered:

"It is just a great year for me. Unbelievable I can say. So many results at a time. A dream come true to play quarterfinals in Olympics then play semifinals in Super Series events and then win the Junior Common Wealth and World Junior Championships and then to be selected for World Super Series finals and to crack into top-10. Everything is just happening. It is all because of my hard work. And God has been really kind to me. "

Next the anchor asks Nehwal on the distinction of "Most Promising Player of 2008" which the BWF had bestowed on Nehwal that year to which Nehwal responds:

"I was just expecting maximum to crack into Top-10 but not getting selected to the Super Series final and getting the most promising player award. I was really going on with my work winning all tournaments. But I did not know that December will be a very good month for me. I got three most promising awards. Then playing World Super Series final and then getting into top-10. So this three are like dream for me. I was just thinking may be I would crack into top-10 in next three four years. So it is very special for me."

Then the anchor tries to dig a bit deeper and wants to know the kind of player that Nehwal thinks she is. And this is how Nehwal analysed herself:

"Actually I am a very strong player. Mentally very tough. I just don't give up very easily. I make my opponent work very hard."

Following Nehwal's assessment of being a tough player, the anchor asks how to be a tough player to which Nehwal says:

"I don't know but from my childhood I had the habit to win whatever I am participating in. ..in any event. It is not just badminton. I was actually a very aggressive kind of person. I used to play all the sports. So whatever sport I used to play and I used to see someone else getting more points than me ... I just couldn't stand it. .. Even I have to do that. From my childhood I have got the habit of to do anything for winning. Even my mom has same attitude. She also fights. I think I have got her genes in me which is really working in such a tough sport. Badminton is so tough. Getting into top-10 in this age is really difficult and I have seen so many players working so hard and struggling to get here."

Catch the video interview here:

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