Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Nobody cares for the disabled in Coronavirus lockdown: World Para-Badminton champion Manasi Joshi


On Thursday late night, Indian Para-Badminton star Manasi Joshi took to Twitter on how difficult it is for a handicapped person during the country-wide 21-day lockdown issued to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

As a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the virus, India is in a complete lockdown. A person can only venture out to buy essential items or medical supplies. But for a disabled person like Manasi herself, it is ‘super difficult’ and to make matters worse, ‘nobody cares’ about them.

The reigning World Champion tweeted, “Going out to buy essentials as a person with disability in this lockdown is super difficult. Nobody cares.”

She further highlighted that it was not only the disabled who were facing problems but also the elderly, who have been forced to fend for themselves under the circumstances. “Here I would like to emphasize on the point that I wish people be more considerate for senior citizens and people with disabilities when we are shopping for essentials,” she wrote.

The death toll in India due to coronavirus rose to 56 this morning while the number of positive cases has gone over 2,300. Globally, the number of cases have rose over 10 lakhs.

In a fresh new appeal to the citizens, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people to switch off the lights in their houses for nine minutes at 9 pm on Sunday, April 5, and instead, light lamps at their doors or balconies. “You are not alone, no one is alone in the fight against coronavirus. The light from the lamps will show that we are together in this battle,” he said.N


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