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Indonesia Open: Lakshya Sen loses to Anders Antonsen in quarter-final

Indian representation at the Indonesia Open 2024 ended as Anders Antonsen outplayed Lakshya Sen in the quarter-final.

Lakshya Sen

FILE PHOTO: Lakshya Sen in action at Asian Games in September 2023. (Photo credit: AP)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 7 Jun 2024 12:34 PM GMT

Lakshya Sen lost to Danish shuttler Anders Antonsen in the quarter-final of the Indonesia Open 2024 on Friday ending India's representation in the tournament.

Lakshya lost in straight games despite leading in both games with a scoreline of 22-24, 18-21.

In the first game Sen who is known for his agile movements and sharp smashes, managed to take an early lead. However, Antonsen, renowned for his strategic play and mental fortitude, gradually clawed his way back into the game.

The crowd was treated to a series of exhilarating rallies, with both players refusing to yield any easy points.

As the game progressed, Sen maintained a slight edge, and at one point, seemed poised to clinch the first game. But Antonsen, leveraging his experience and tactical acumen, saved two game points to push the score to a nail-biting 22-22.

With the momentum shifting in his favor, Antonsen capitalized on Sen’s momentary lapses in concentration, sealing the first game 24-22.

The second game saw Sen starting strong, quickly building a 6-2 lead. His aggressive approach and precise net play initially kept Antonsen on the defensive. H

However, the Danish player, demonstrating his trademark composure, gradually narrowed the gap. By varying his pace and employing deceptive shots, Antonsen disrupted Sen's rhythm, leveling the score midway through the set.

Despite Sen’s best efforts to regain control, Antonsen's superior court coverage and strategic shot placement allowed him to wrest the advantage. As the game progressed, the physical and mental toll on Sen became evident, with unforced errors creeping into his game.

Antonsen remained relentless, ultimately closing out the second game 21-18, securing his spot in the semi-finals.

This defeat is a worrying sign for Lakshya Sen, especially with the Olympics less than 50 days away. While Sen's talent and potential are undeniable, this match highlighted areas that require urgent attention.

His inability to maintain consistency under pressure and his susceptibility to strategic disruptions are aspects that his coaching team will need to address promptly.

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