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Howzzat? Let’s celebrate India’s greatest sporting achievements

Howzzat? Let’s celebrate India’s greatest sporting achievements

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Published: 14 Jun 2019 8:56 AM GMT
Every Indian knows how crucial sporting endeavour is to the country’s national identity. Producing men and women who excel in major global sports gives the nation pride and makes us all feel delighted. Of course, it can also help boost the Indian economy and bring much-needed investment or media attention to our proud nation. Over the years, this desire to produce exceptional sportsmen and women has seen India hit some great heights. The below highlights some of the very best sporting achievements that this great nation has experienced over recent history.
1980 – Prakash Padukone wins the All England Badminton championship
Badminton is a massive sport in India and this has seen some great players emerge over the decades. Surely none can have had quite the impact that Padukone did though when at his peak. In all, he won the National Championships a massive nine times and got the Arjuna Award for his achievements in the game. The crowning moment for him and his country was his stunning 1980 triumph in the All England Championship. Beating Liem Swie King in the final, he showed the full range of his skills to clinch a great sporting achievement.
1983 – Winning the cricket World Cup
Cricket is another huge sport in India and a national obsession for many. This sees the domestic game in great health as thousands of fans flock to
cricket matches in India.
Much of the game’s popularity was sown during a golden period in the 1970s and 1980s when India had a side to cherish. In the 1983 World Cup Final, they were playing a West Indies team that was arguably the best around at the time. India, however, defeated them by 43 runs, and this saw captain Kapil Dev lift the cup. This just shades the 2011 win on home soil due to it being the first time that the country won such an impressive title.
First Indian F1 driver
Formula 1 is an extremely popular sport across the whole planet and this made the first Indian driver a great achievement. The honour fell to
Narain Karthikeyan
, who joined the Jordan racing team in 2005. This was a big step for the whole nation as it allowed India to host its own Grand Prix in the future and eventually develop its own F1 team. As a way to increase media attention into Indian sport and boost the country’s coffers with investment, it was a great achievement by Karthikeyan. Just a few of many The truth is that India has had an impressive history of sporting achievement that stretches back many years. The above are just some of the best examples from more recent times of what can be achieved with some effort and a little talent! It is a safe bet that already the next production line of young talent is ready to represent India in major sporting events around the globe. From cricket to badminton, tennis, football and beyond, it will be interesting to see just what achievements will be next to add to our list.
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