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Former World No. 1 Peter Gade creates an 'online badminton universe'

Having trained the likes of Lakshya Sen, Danish badminton great Peter Gade has created an online platform to help popularise the sport in an innovative, virtual way.

Former Danish badminton great Peter Gade (Source: 360Badminton)

Former Danish badminton great Peter Gade (Source: 360Badminton)


Soumya Bontra

Published: 7 Feb 2022 7:30 AM GMT

Former World No. 1 badminton star Peter Gade of Denmark is set to return to the badminton world with a new endeavour to promote the sport afresh.

An All England Champion in 1999, Gade would not be stepping on the badminton court for this but sharing his 30 years of experience and knowledge of the sport through his new online badminton universe – www.petergade.com.

With his new project, Gade expects to build an innovative platform where he will be able to give back the sport and also help players, fans, etc from all around the world to learn from him and his fellow experts.

Gade, who has coached the likes of 2021 World Championships bronze medallist Lakshya Sen as well for brief stints, is a figure to reckon with in the badminton world and this online initiative will only help in reaching out to a global audience.

At www.petergade.com members will be able to access video lessons, get weekly updates and interact within a global community of members.

In an interview with The Star, Gade said, "This is a great way for me to give back to the sport that I love so much and with this project, I hope I can add something special to the badminton world."

Gade is currently the chief operating officer and head coach of Yonex Peter Gade Academy in Copenhagen.

"I've coached different players from different countries at my academy. I want to pass on my knowledge, my experience, my passion and my love for the game to the online audience."

Peter Gade is known as one of the most successful shuttlers from Europe. He has won five European Championships titles in men's singles events. He was also on top of the world badminton rankings from 1998 to 2001.

After winning 22 Grand-Prix titles and regaining his No.1 spot in 2006, Gade retired from playing and turned into a professional coach to train young badminton players.

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