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2019 India Open Badminton Live: Day 2

2019 India Open Badminton Live: Day 2


Updated: 30 July 2021 4:40 PM GMT

Welcome to The Bridge's live coverage of Day 2 of the Yonex Sunrise India Open:

Final Score :  Kashyap (IND) vs Cheuk Yiu LEE (HKG) - 14-21; 21-18; 21-10
Final Score :  Subhankar Dey (IND) vs Tommy Sugiarto (IND) - 14-21; 22-20; 21-11
Final Score :  Sindhu (IND) vs Mugdha (IND) - 21-8; 21-13
Final Score :  Srikanth (IND) vs Vincent (HKG) - 21-16; 18-21; 21-19 Andddd the comeback is complete. Vincent returns a backhand drop away and that seals a nervous win for Srikanth. He takes the 3rd set 21-19. Vincent throws his bat in disbelief as he had the upper hand for most part of the 3rd. Whatta run from Srikanth, cheered by the local crowd Srikanth takes 4 continuous points to lead 19-18 with a trademark baseline smash. Srikanth is nearing a major upset as he trailing 15-18 in the decider. An unforced smash error followed by a line judgment error gifts two points to Vincent who leads 11-10 going into the break. Third set has been going on a neck break speed and the score is tied at 9-9. Vincent doesn't lose his nerve and wraps the second set 21-18 Srikanth baseline smash goes wide and Vincent gets 2 match points. Srikanth pulls back by playing an aggressive net shot of the return serve and takes 3 points on the trot. Trails 16-19 Vincent pulls back and edges close to taking the second set. Leads Srikanth 19-15 A run of 6 points puts Srikanth back in the game, but still long way to go. Trails 14-17 in the second set. Vincent still going strong in the second set as Srikanth loses momentum. Over hits a shot to the sidelines & trails 16-7. Vincent comes back fighting in the second set and opens a 5 point lead going into the break. Srikanth trails 6-11. A run of errors give Vincent few points to come back, but neverthless Srikanth retains his composure and wraps the 1st set 21-16 Srikanth has been comfortable in the 1st set and races to a 18-12 lead. Over in Court 1 Kidambi Srikanth is playing World no 37 Vincent of Hong Kong.
Final Score :  Sai Praneeth(IND) vs Kartikey Gulshan Kumar (IND) - 21-18; 21-12 And that's a wrap. Sai closes the 3rd set 21-8 and through to the RO 16. Sai praneeth takes no prisoners and races to a hefty 17-7 lead. Sai praneeth picks up from where he left in the 2nd set. Opens up a 6-0 lead in the third. Sai praneeth in cruise control in the second set. Wraps the 2nd set 21-13 and fights back. After some thrilling moments towards the end Kartikey causes an upset by taking the 1st set 24-22 Over on Court 1 Sai Praneeth is currently up against fellow Indian Kartikey Gulshan Kumar
Final Score :
  Sameer Verma (IND) vs Rasmus(DEN) - 21-18; 21-12
And there is the winner. Rasmus hits a backhand shot to the sidelines and Sammer takes the second set 21-12. Despite leading with a dominant attack game, bunch of unforced smash errors gifts Rasmus a couple of points. Sameer leads 16-10 in the second. Sameer continues the dominant performance post the break against the Dane who visibly looks to have lost energy. Sameer leads 14-7 in the second Dominant start to the second set from Sameer who leads 7-4 in the second. Sameer takes the first set 21-18. Excellent game from Sameer despite Rasmus reaching to everything thrown at him. Forces Rasmus into a unforced service return. Set point. Game is going at a break neck speed as Rasmus has been playing well and holding well against Sameer so far. Rasmus leads 14-12 An excellent rally followed by a disguised drop by Sameer Verma. Leads the first 9-8 Over to the main court big action awaits as World no 15 Sameer Verama takes on the lower ranked Dane Rasmus Gemke.
Final Score :  Prannoy (IND) vs Kantaphon (THA) - 14-21; 21-18; 21-14 Prannoy takes the 3rd set 21-14 much to the roar of local fans. It's been a exceptional comeback from Prannoy. Prannoy continues his excellent performance in the 3rd and forces Kantaphon into a unforced smash error. Excellent streak from Prannoy. Superb down the line smash and races into a 17-14 lead in the 3rd set. A much improved game post break from Prannoy. Takes 4 points at a stretch and leads the decider 13-11. Good comeback by Prannoy. Takes back to back points to narrow down the lead to 1, but fails to return the backhand smash for the next and trails 9-11 going into the break. Some bad choices of shots and Prannoy gifts a 3 point lead to Kantaphon. Trails 7-10 in the 3rd set. Prannoy is pumped up & playing every point with grit. Completes a bodyline smash & fist pumps. Levels the score 7-7. Third start goes in the same way as how the second set went. Toe to toe game. Prannoy leading 5-4. Prannoyyy holds the nerve and takes the second set with a fierce backhand smash which Kantaphon can't retrieve. Prannoy takes the second set 21-18. Excellent rally from Prannoy forcing Kantaphon into reaching for a long toss and Prannoy forces the smash down to head into set point. 20-17 Prannoy forces Kantaphon into an unforced error and leads 19-17. This game will be decided by who holds the nerve in clutch time. Prannoy edging 18-17 in the 2nd set. Still a neck to neck game in the second set as score is tied at 15-15. Prannoy heads into the break leading 11-8 in the second set. Tight start to the second set as both Prannoy & Kantaphon go toe to toe. Score 5-5. Kantaphon continues his momentum and takes the first set 21-14 Kantaphon races to a 11-4 lead as we head into the break. The Thailand lad has the initial momentum and leading 7-4 at the moment. Meanwhile in Court no 2
Prannoy HS
is up against World no 17 Kantaphon WANGCHAROEN from Thailand.
Final Score :  Sitthikom Thammasin (THA) vs Guru Sai Dutt (IND) - 21-18; 21-11 Sitthikom continues the momentum after the break and doesn't leave any space for Guru to come back who clearly lacks game rhythm. Takes the second set 21-11. Sitthikom leading the second set 11-9 as we head into the break. Sitthikom takes the first set 21-18 despite some late momentum from Guru Sai dutt. Guru sai's lack of rhythm and momentum is clearly visible as he trailing the World no 36 by 17-14 in the first set. Meanwhile in Court no 1
Guru Sai dutt
makes an appearance in a major tournament after a long gap. He is up against World no 36 Sitthikom THAMMASIN from Thailand.
Final Score :  He Bingjao (IND) vs Prashi Joshi (THA) - 21-12; 21-15 Easy pickings for the Chinese as she wins the tie by wrapping the second set 21-15. And the Chinese world no 7 wraps the first set 21-12. Bingjao asserting her authority as expected and is having an easy ride in the first set leading 15-7. In court three World no 7 He Bingjao of China is up against the Indian rookie Prashi Joshi.
Final Score :  Riya Mukherjee (IND) vs Phittyaporn Chaiwan (THA) - 
21-17; 21-15

Incredible result for Riya Mukherjee who played a good game against Phittayaporn Chaiwan from Thailand. Riya becomes the 1st Indian to qualify for Round of 16 in Women's Singles

Meanwhile in the Men's singles World no 19 Khosit PHETPRADAB (THA) proved to be too good for rookie Indian Kartik Jindal, sweeping him with a score of 21-17; 21-8
They become the fourth Indian doubles pair to be through to the RO16. In an all Indian men's doubles match top seed Pranav Jerry Chopra / Shivam Sharma (IND) defeat Senthil / Vembarasan (IND) by a score of 21-13; 21-13
Final Score :  Han Yue (CHI) vs Vaidehi Choudhari (IND) - 
21-12; 21-6
The world no 13 & last years Syed modi championship winner eases through the 2nd set and takes it 21-6. Han Yue coasts through the first set taking it 21-12. Over in Court 1 World no 13 & rising Chinese women's badminton star Han Yue is playing against Vaidehi Choudhari.
Final Score :  Ratchanok Intanon (THA) vs Sai Uttejitha (IND) - 21-8; 21-6 And Intanon makes little work of herself in the second set and coasts past Sai with a score of 21-6 Easy pickings for the World no 8 who takes the 1st comfortably with a score of 21-8. Over in Court no 2 World no 8 Ratchanok Intanon 
is playing Sai Uttejitha.
They become the third Indian doubles pair to be through to the RO16. In an all Indian's women's doubles match Ramya / Shivani (IND) defeat Simran / Ritika (IND) by a score of 21-16; 21-12
Final Score :  Huang (CHN) vs Kevin (IND) - 21-16; 21-16 Huang takes the second set 21-16 & the world no 30 is through to the next round. The Chinese world no 30 again leads the 2nd set 11-9 going into the break. Huang takes the first set 21-16. The Chinese leads the first set 11-10 going into the break. Over in the Court 2 the first match involving an Indian in Men's singles is live. 
Kevin Arokya 
takes on the Chinese Huang Yuxiang.
Final Score :  Chananchida (THA) vs Vrushali (IND) - 17-21; 22-20; 21-12 Unfortunate turn of events for Vrushali in the third set as she struggled to keep it going and succumbs to a defeat losing the 3rd set 21-12. The Thailand girl fights back and leveled the 2nd set before holding onto the clutch moment and taking the 2nd set 22-20. A close second set & Vrushali has been composed so far leading 16-14 into the late 2nd set. Excellent game from the Indian girl & held her composure towards the end. Wins the 1st set 21-17. Vrushali goes into the break leading 11-10 in the first set. Good start for the Indian girl. Over in the main Court 1 the first match involving an Indian in women's singles is live. 
takes on the Thailand girl Chananchida Juchaeroen.
Final Score :  Pooja / Sanjana (IND) vs Saruni / Anees - 21-6; 21-11 They become the first Indian women's doubles pair to be through to the Round of 16. And the pair wrap the second set comfortably with a score of 21-11. Pooja / Sanjana pair take the 1st set easily with a score of 21-6. Over in Court 3 Women's doubles match involving the all Indian pairs of Pooja / Sanjana vs Saruni / Anees is currently on.
Final Score :  Chayanit / Phataimas (THA) vs Megha / Manali Sinha - 21-8; 21-10 The Thailand pair coast through the 2nd set and wrap it with a score of 21-10. And the Thailand pair leave no room for the inexperienced Indian pair & wrap the 1st set 21-8. The Thailand pair are having it easy currently and going into the break leading the first set 11-3. Over to Court 2 the women's doubles pair of 
Megha / Manali Sinha 
are taking on the Thailand pair of Chayanit / Phataimas.
Final Score : Manu Atri / Sumeeth Reddy vs Ravi / Lakshay - 21-14; 21-7 They become the first Indian men's doubles pair to be through to the Round of 16. The experienced pair wrap the second set easily with a score of 21-7 The top seeded Indian pair take the first set with a score of 21-14. The proceedings in Court 3 kick off with the experienced men's doubles pair of Manu Atri / Sumeeth Reddy taking on Ravi / Lakshay
Final Score : Siddharth / Daksha Gautam vs Nipitphon/ Savitree - 8-21; 8-21 That's a wrap. The Thailand pair coast past the Indian pair & take the second set 21-8 The Thailand pair take the 1st set 21-8 and had little work to do against the Indian rookies.
The first match involving Indians is happening currently in Court 2 where mixed doubles pair of Siddharth / Daksha Gautam take on the Thailand pair Nipitphon/ Savitree.

The main draw action at this World Tour 500 tournament starts today. 2017 champion PV Sindhu starts her campaign against compatriot Mugdha Agrey. 2015 winner Kidambi Srikanth meets the tricky Wong Wing Ki Vincent in the first round while fifth seed Sameer Verma has Rasmus Gemke of Denmark first up.

Ponnappa-Reddy through to second round

Commonwealth Games bronze medallists Ashwini Ponnappa and N. Sikki Reddy caused a huge upset by knocking out the sixth seeds and World No. 18 pair of Li Wenmei and Zheng Yu 22-20, 21-19 to enter the second round of the Yonex-Sunrise
 India Open 2019
, part of HSBC BWF World Tour 500, here on Tuesday. Considering the Chinese reached the quarter-finals of the All England Open and the semi-finals of the Swiss Open, this was a highly confidence-boosting victory for the Indian pair.

Pranaav Chopra through to main draw of doubles

8 singles players and 10 teams from India secured berths in the main draw as the qualifying rounds got completed at the Yonex-Sunrise India Open 2019, here on Tuesday.

Third seed Rahul Yadav Chittaboina and fourth seed Siddharath Thakur led the march of the Indians in men’s singles along with Kartik Jindal while veteran Pranaav Jerry Chopra made it through to the main draw of men’s doubles in partnership with Shivam Sharma.

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