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Meet Vikash, who defied heart problem to clinch 1500m gold with KIUG record

Just 20 days before the Khelo India University Games a sudden chest pain raised concerns, but the Chandigarh University student showed his resilience not only by clinching the gold medal but also creating a Games record in the 1500m race event.

Meet Vikash, who defied heart problem to clinch 1500m gold with KIUG record

Chandigarh University's Vikash registered a Games record in the men's 1500m event at the fourth Khelo India University Games in Guwahati. 


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Updated: 29 Feb 2024 12:19 PM GMT

Vikash’s recent record-breaking win in the 1500m race at the fourth Khelo India University Games 2023 in Guwahati depicts a testament to the indomitable spirit of human will.

Discovering his athletic prowess while preparing for the Indian Army Agniveer Physical Fitness Test in 2022, fate led him to clear the physical test but stumbled at the written admission examination.

Rather than succumbing to disappointment, Vikash recognised his exceptional physical endurance and embraced a new dream – a career in the 1500m race.

The narrative took a challenging turn just 20 days before the KIUG 2023. A sudden pain in Vikash's chest raised concerns, leading to an ECG test that revealed a heart beating slower than normal.

Despite this setback, Vikash's determination soared. The Chandigarh University student not only aspired to participate in the event but set an ambitious goal of establishing a new Games record.

With only a few days left before the competition, the 20-year-old shifted his focus on recovery, which included taking medicines and proper rest, and in the meantime, Vikash trained whenever it was possible.

Owing to his resilience, Vikash was not only able to participate in the event but clinched the gold. Interestingly, he finished the 1500m race in 3:50.70s, surpassing the previous Games record of 3:51.61s.

"With just days remaining for the competition, conquering chest pain posed a formidable challenge. Yet, it went beyond mere recovery; it was about etching my name into the annals of the Khelo India Games. So, I did whatever I could to recover in time to not let go of this opportunity to make history," uttered Vikash.

Hailing from Haryana's Bhiwani, Vikash's journey was marked by financial struggles as the son of a farmer and homemaker. Undeterred, he secured a gold medal in the 1500m event and a bronze in 800m at the 38th National Junior Athletics Championships in 2023, showcasing his unwavering commitment to his passion.

Reflecting on his humble beginnings, Vikash remarked, "I ran on dusty tracks, dreaming of a future beyond financial constraints. Trusting in my hard work, I held onto the belief that achieving my goals required unwavering self-trust, hence I never gave up.”

In 2024, Vikash found sanctuary in a sports nursery in Hisar, Haryana. This haven provided him with proper nutrition, quality gear, and a monthly stipend, alleviating the financial burdens that once hindered his progress.

With newfound support, Vikash can now wholeheartedly focus on honing his skills and reaching greater heights as an athlete.

Vikash's ultimate aspiration is to bring glory to his nation by winning medals at the international level, particularly in the Olympics.

Additionally, he aims to secure a government job based on his athletic performance, intending to provide financial support to his family.

"My dream is to honour my nation by securing medals on the global stage, especially in the Olympics. Beyond the podium, I strive to secure a government job through my athletic endeavours, aspiring to provide crucial financial support to my family. For me, it's not just about personal achievement; it's about using my success to uplift those who have been with me throughout my journey," he said.

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