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What if Srinivas Gowda ran with India's best runner?

Gowda, again rose to prominence last week when he broke his own record to run 100 metres in 8.96 seconds. But how is he compared to India's best?

What if Srinivas Gowda ran with Indias best runner?

The Bridge Desk

Published: 27 March 2021 7:11 AM GMT

Kambala jockey Srinivas Gowda became an overnight sensation last year when India's Twitter brigade spread the news that Gowda is faster than legendary Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. The news read Gowda ran 100 metres in just 9.55 seconds compared to Usain Bolt's world record of running the same distance in 9.58 seconds — a difference of 0.3 seconds.

The hype surrounding Gowda became one of the most sensational news in India, a country that has long been starving for success in athletics. Gowda, again rose to prominence last week when he broke his own record to run 100 metres in 8.96 seconds. The fervour around Gowda broke all bounds. The Sports Authority of India had offered Gowda to take the trial last year, which he refused. Gowda even humbly stated that comparing him with Bolt is illogical.

But what if Gowda had taken the trials and ran with India's best?

What made the difference for Gowda to run at such Godly speed was buffaloes! Gowda's acceleration was impacted by the speed of the buffalo on the muddy tracks. It is believed a buffalo runs at an average speed of 56 kmph.
Hence the acceleration which it produces is way more than what humans can running on professional racing tracks made of polyurethane, latex or rubber. While the top speed ever recorded by Usain Bolt stands at 27.8mph/44.73kmph. It is not possible for Gowda to run at such speed.
If pitted against India's best, Gowda would be compared with Amiya Kumar Mallick who holds the 100 metres national record of 10.26 seconds. Gowda's speed of '100 metres in 8.96 seconds' is most likely due to the speed of his buffaloes.
Gowda's timings weren't electronically recorded. But buffaloes have been known to run at speeds of up to 56 kmph. A buffalo can run 100 metres in 6.45 seconds. SO the acceleration caused due to the buffalo is way more superior than a regular sprinter. Therefore, the comparison doesn't make sense. Besides, Gowda who works as a construction worker doesn't want all the limelight around him.

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