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Jabir, Vithya Ramraj shines at the Indian Grand Prix 2

Vithya scored a double by posting a time of 53.00 seconds to win the women's 400m A race.

Vithya Ramraj 400m hurdles

Vithya Ramraj wins bronze at Asian Games (Source: AP)


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Updated: 30 May 2024 4:59 PM GMT

Kerala's international hurdler Jabir MP took center stage at the second leg of the one-day Indian Grand Prix series, held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Thursday. Jabir topped the men's 400m hurdles race with a time of 49.94 seconds.

The 27-year-old athlete surged ahead at the last bend of the 400m hurdles Group A race, pushing home favorite Santhosh Kumar T, who clocked 50.14 seconds, to second place. This race marked Jabir's first competition of the season.

Santhosh Kumar later delivered an impressive performance in the men's 400m flat, winning the Group A race with a time of 46.46 seconds.

The women's 400m hurdles saw dominance from Asian Games medallist R Vithya Ramraj, who clocked 57.28 seconds. Vithya also achieved a double victory by winning the women's 400m A race with a time of 53.00 seconds.

The meet saw a notable absence of many of the country's top athletes, who are currently competing abroad in preparation for the upcoming Paris Olympic Games.



- 200m A race: Nallubothu Shanumaga S (Andhra Pradesh) 21.18 seconds; Varun Oori Manohar (Tamil Nadu) 21.70 seconds; Tamil Arasu S (Tamil Nadu) 21.92 seconds.

- 200m B race: Manav R (Tamil Nadu) 21.70 seconds, Santhosh S (Tamil Nadu) 21.94 seconds, Manoj Kumar S (Tamil Nadu) 22.19 seconds.

- 400m A race: Santhosh Kumar T (Tamil Nadu) 46.46 seconds, K Avinash (Tamil Nadu) 47.30 seconds, Kapil (Haryana) 47.66 seconds.

- 400m B race: Aakash Babu C (Tamil Nadu) 47.75 seconds.

- 1500m: Ashok Dandasena (Odisha) 3:50.44 seconds, Priyanshu U (Uttarakhand) 3:50.60 seconds, Adarsh Gopi (Kerala) 3:51.90 seconds.

- 5,000m: Deepak Bhatt (Uttarakhand) 14:24.66 seconds, Anand Krishna K (Kerala) 14:39.90 seconds, Mohan Saini (Goa) 14:50.11 seconds.

- 400m hurdles A race: Jabir MP (Kerala) 49.94 seconds, Santhosh Kumar T (Tamil Nadu) 50.14 seconds, Sathish K (Tamil Nadu) 51.46 seconds.

- 400m hurdles B race: Akhil Babu Akhilnivas (Kerala) 52.47 seconds.

- Shot put: Parveen (Haryana) 16.21m, S Ebenezer (Tamil Nadu) 15.24m.

- Javelin: Vikash Sharma (Uttarakhand) 52.78m.

- Pole vault: Yugendran R Ran (Tamil Nadu) 5.20m, M Gowtham (Tamil Nadu) 5.10m, Sidharth AK (Kerala) 4.90m.

- Triple Jump: Mohammed Salahuddin (Tamil Nadu) 16.40m, Karthik U (Kerala) 16.20m, Mohanraj J (Tamil Nadu) 16.02m.


- 200m: Srabani Nanda (Odisha) 24.49 seconds, Daneshwari AT (Karnataka) 25.06 seconds, Dhivya J (Tamil Nadu) 25.26 seconds.

- 400m A race: R Vithya Ramraj (Tamil Nadu) 53.00 seconds, Sinchal Kaveramma (Karnataka) 53.70 seconds, Aishwarya Mishra (Maharashtra) 53.79 seconds.

- 400m B race: Anankha BA (Kerala) 54.37 seconds.

- 1500m: S Neelambari (Tamil Nadu) 4:24.16 seconds, Thota Sankeertana (Chhattisgarh) 4:26.84 seconds, Elavarasi Kumaran (Tamil Nadu) 4:26.96 seconds.

- 5,000m: Beby (Uttar Pradesh) 17:30.91 seconds, Sanghamitra Mahata (Jharkhand) 17:39.71 seconds, Pooja (Rajasthan) 18:09.57 seconds.

- 400m hurdles: R Vithya Ramraj (Tamil Nadu) 57.28 seconds, Ramandeep Kaur (Punjab) 1:01.60 seconds, Mugada Sireesha (Andhra Pradesh) 1:03.06 seconds.

- Triple jump: Pavithra G (Karnataka) 13.14m, I Asha Ilango (Tamil Nadu) 12.98m, Sharvari Avinash Parule (Maharashtra) 12.95m.

- Javelin: Anjani Kumari (Bihar) 47.75m, Hemamalini Neelakanda (Tamil Nadu) 47.47m, Lalita Choudhary (Rajasthan) 42.09m.

- Shot put: Abha Khatua (Maharashtra) 17.13m, Sharmila M (Tamil Nadu) 12.90m, Vaishnavi B (Tamil Nadu) 12.82m.

- Pole vault: Baranica Elangovan (Tamil Nadu) 4.00m, Mariya Jaison (Kerala) 3.90m, Karthika V (Tamil Nadu) 3.10m.

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