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World Anti Doping Agency to reconsider marijuana ban

This comes just weeks after Sha'Carri Richardson was banned from competing at the Olympics because of consumption of a 'prohibited substance'

Team USA Athlete ShaCarri Richardson

Sha'Carri Richardson (Source: CNN)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 16 Sep 2021 4:35 AM GMT

It was just a couple of months back that the sporting world found out about Sha' Carri Richardson's Olympic ban. The 21 year old athlete was not allowed to participate in the Olympics because her drug testing samples detected hints of marijuana in her system. WADA had previously notified that marijuana was a prohibited substance and this ban would be in effect for a month.

Fast forward to September and reports have emerged that WADA is thinking over turning the ban that is given to athletes for consuming marijuana.

This has come after a WADA executive committee meeting in Turkey culminated in the decision to have an expert group look into the scientific traits of cannabis consumption for athletes.

Sha' Carri Richardson came out in full force after her ban and gave an explanation for why she had smoked. Her main reason was because of a family death and the manner in which she wished to hide her feelings and pain. Her case caused a lot of uproar with high profile individuals such as senator Alexandria Ocasio Cortez declaring that the US Anti Doping Agency must reconsider the ban.

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